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Welcome to our official You Are Golden live kick-off video to get the prosperity juices flowing.

Get yourself a cup of tea, light a candle if you’re feeling it, and set a little intention. Feel free to close your eyes and lay down, or receive it however you feel called. I promise you, you cannot do it wrong. This is an energetic transmission, so I encourage you to tune into how you are feeling viscerally at the end of the video!

Once you are complete, if want to join me for the full You Are Golden Course, you can check out the module breakdown below:

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Release the Shame. Reclaim The Yumminess. 

I share my specific story of how I owned these tools.

From surrendered, without a penny in the bank (aka learning alchemic truths) to a 6 figure business in under a year. True Story.
When it's time, guys, it's simply time. And that's when you choose to do the work.

You'll also be receiving the year end review and intention setting document that I do every year & helped conjure my success to the penny.
Plus the life-changing practice that I'll have you do during this reset & recommend over every other aspect EVER.

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Healing Ancestral Financial Karma. 

What percent of our money stuff that we struggle with relates to our ancestry? A lot.


The beautiful news is that it's completely shiftable. All of it. Once we own it. 
I'll be holding space for you as you do the worksheets and bring this stuff to the Light. 

This is often the place of the deepest resistance imaginable, and holy mother, does this stuff shift mountains.

They'll be some oohs and ahas and possibly a few tears and then...freedom.
And the angels sing. 

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Sexy & Essential Financial Practices.

When it comes to the practice, tangible steps, we find every reason not to do it.

But when you are accountable and you start tracking and connecting with your money in these specific ways, everything shifts.

I predict it will be the one of the greatest and exhilarating love affairs you have ever known.
And you will gasp as the simplicity of it and the delectable shifts it generates.

It's all about the brain, guys. It's all about the brain. 

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Own Your Magic & Dream in Your Dream.  

In many ways, the most crucial part of the process but only possible when we have done the above.

We set the stage, clear the decks, remember the truth, own our internal delectability, 
and then we dream from this place of clarity and connection. 

And from here, the Universe speaks to you in real time, the proof shows up in the pudding,
and you remember the deeper truth:

You Are Golden.