Guided Journey For Sacred Union

This delicious 50 Minute Guided Journey for Sacred Union is best experienced lying down with your eyes closed. 

Energetically, it raises the frequency of Sacred Union in your Realms and your Being -- whether you are looking to enter Sacred Union with another, whether you are looking to find it inside yourself, or whether you are looking to strengthen the frequency within a relationship that already exists, this 50 minute guided Journey is a treat to the senses, a vibrational gift of Re-Membering and Celebration. And from here, the gifts of Sacred Union, within and without are Realized. 

When you have completed it, please feel free to let us know how it went in the 7OM Academy facebook group. We are here holding space for you and with you



Once You Are Complete,
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The importance of a morning ritual cannot be underestimated. Well, it can, and it often is, but it really shouldn’t be! Because it sets up our day and literally shifts the vibrational path that we go on. Every person, every child, every business, every school, every hospital should start with a mini morning ritual. It is the secret to everything. Which is why I’m so excited that you are going to be taking the 7 for 7 Mini Celestial Journey with me and the Pleiades.

Together, in our robes, right here in the portal, we will ground, we will meditate, we will receive the gifts from each star, and then we’ll close with a little journal prompt. All in under 20 minutes a day. I’m so excited to take this Journey together. Day 1 drops on April 1st. And I’ll be doing a kick off facebook live the day before in the Academy.


You are golden


Join me for You Are Golden, our gorgeous 4 module digital money mindset reset to release any ancestral financial karma and re-ignite the codes of Prosperity and Ease in your own Consciousness. This course changes lives on a deep level.

The proof ? Hear from a fellow Goldie on the beautiful shifts happening through this course:

Am grateful to @nicola.behrman and her incredible You Are ✨ Golden program for giving me the opportunity to bring ritual into a different part of life, the area where things often get sticky and icky. Yep, the green stuff: money. She’s teaching us all to see and feel it more like honey and as I’ve worked through her beautifully brilliant program I’ve been acknowledging how essential it is for women to collectively clear their programming re this stuff.


The Kick Off You Are Golden Prosperity training Transmission

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.31.44 PM.png

Our first Kick-off video from You Are Golden is now available as a stand alone intro training to help align your energy, give you a mini taste of the energy of You Are Golden. 


Because we’ve heard again and again from people who have done the full Journey that the kick off video training was so powerful that it shifted things for them all on its own, so we are sharing it stand alone.