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 The Celestial SPA
at the Ojai Valley Inn 

In Person Energy Alchemy
& Spiritual Counsel

Nicola is available for private Alchemy Sessions & Guided Journeys at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

Celestial Elixirs

7 Bespoke Alchemic Elixir Mists

Blended by Nicola and blessed by the energies of the Pleiades. Infuse specific vibrational qualities into your realms.
Available Now

The 7OM
 Celestial  Journey

Next Flight: July 1st 2017

 Join Nicola for 7 Weeks of Guided Meditation Journeys, Curated Journalling Prompts, and Beautiful Rituals to Ignite & Illuminate Your Life. 


Connect to the Cosmos.
Experience more Light,
Magic, Wisdom and Wonder
in Your Life.



A life with more Magic, more meaning and more Light.

Where people acknowledge the natural glow emanating from your Being.

Experience lighting up a room just by entering.

Authenticity, your Guiding Light;

Serendipity illuminating your path.

The ability to find the respite and the beauty,

whatever is going on around you.

Knowing that ultimately,

It comes from Within.


This magical portal, 7OM, created by Spiritual Sage, Nicola Behrman, shares a myriad of tools and experiences to bring forth your most radiant, beautiful and Authentic Self. These tools act as a conduit to bring forward the magic that live inside your Being patiently waiting to be ignited, so you can Light the World from the Inside Out.