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Wednesday, October 10

Kick off !

Welcome gathering + Wisdom Wednesday at Ojai Valley Inn in the Orchard

Mini Yoga Stretch & Walk through Mary Magdalene's Garden whilst intention setting for the ReTreat

Exquisite lunch under the Pergula at the Ojai Valley Inn

Nourish time while you nap en suite or relax by the pool

Surprise Dinner & Live Music with New Moon energy and intentions woven into the evening.


Thursday, October 11

Journey to a quintessential and unique experience in Ojai

Qoya at the Pleiadian Portal at a private location

Divine dinner under the stars by the one and only Le Picnic 


Friday, October 12

Adventurous bicycle ride to dance class

Cosmic Kuyum at the Ojai Valley Inn + Spa 

Relax by the pool at Ojai Valley Inn

Dinner at the Artist's Cottage under the Wishing Tree

Writing Your Dreams Into Reality with Joanne Menon

And of course BINGO night!


Saturday, October 13

Sacred Cacao Ceremony at an exquisite, private estate in Ojai

Special Guest (Nicola’s favorite person on the planet)

Picnic Brunch 

Completion Yesness 

Farewell !