Every Month Nicola creates 33 special limited edition Tincture Sprays inspired by the mood of the moment and what she sees going on in the world. 

This month's Tincture is DIVINE RADIANCE. The intention behind it is to bring Vibrant, Light-filled Vibrations to Illuminate your Soul, Psyche and Whole Being from the inside out and allow you to truly Glow From Within. 

Crystal Essences of: Citrine, Shungite and Sugilite.

Essential Oils of: Lemon, Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot, Jasmine. 

Blessed by the Pleiadian Star: Qanqaq Q'oto (The Star of Illumination)  

Each custom tincture is specially infused and blessed for its recipient and includes a long distance Illuminating light healing at the time of its creation. 

Available in 4oz amber amber glass spray bottles.

Only 33 individual bottles available | 30 for purchase | Each time I sell 10, I donate one to someone in need. 

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