Full Moon Eclipse Guided Journey For Wholeness

Full Moon Eclipse Guided Journey For Wholeness


Experience our Full Moon Eclipse Guided Meditation Journey for Wholeness. You will receive the replay of our live guided journey led by Nicola Behrman in the Temple of Illumination on July 27th, 2018.

When we remember that we are already Whole, everything falls into the place. The things that we think we want, the feelings we want to feel, the way we want to experience the world — all come for a desire to remember who we actually are. When we remember that, the things don’t matter quite so much, and when we forget it, the things really don’t matter so much — even when we “get” them. Especially when we get them. What we are actually searching for is WHOLENESS, and amazingly, we cannot get it from the external. For obvious reasons. But even more amazingly, when we dust off our insides, we will discover something next level incredible - like the wizard of Oz reminds us so beautifully, it truly is already here. It was here all along. We have access to it. As humans, we just need a vibrational nudge or two to remember it. 

This experience is similar to reiki (although it’s not reiki), Nicola opens portals and star gates and shares vibrational tones for you to receive gentle energy tune ups and support through the ethers. People often report specific tingling in their toes during the transmissions and a feeling of lightness and joy afterwards.

Nicola always reminds us that this isn’t voodoo, she’s not “doing” anything to you without your permission. She is opening access and sharing healing energies and you get to decide as a Soul what you want to access and receive. She provides the energy, you get to play with it. This is how alchemy works. You are a sovereign being and you get to decide what you want to receive energetically and how you want to use it!

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