Qanqaq Q'oto: Star of Illumination

Qanqaq Q'oto: Star of Illumination


*each elixir purchase includes a gift certificate for a $33 guided journey from the 7OM library

And finally, Illumination, the crown. The reason for all alchemy and all hermetic principles — to remember our own majesty and allow it illuminate our entire Beings. That glow that some people seem to have? Where the light just seems to spring from their insides? This is Qanqaq. Illumination in a bottle.

Based in organic Aloe Vera, infused with Sacred Ormus, and shamanically blessed with the energy of the Pleiadian Star, Qanqaq Q'oto, the Star of Illumination, to help you glow from the inside out. 

Crystal Essences: Sugilite, Shungite, Golden Danburite
Essential Oils:  Lemon, Orange, Laurus Nobilis

4oz. Glass Spray Bottle. 

*elixirs are made and blessed individually by Nicola

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