Puriq Q'oto: Star of Grounding

Puriq Q'oto: Star of Grounding


*each elixir purchase includes a gift certificate for a $33 guided journey from the 7OM library

If you need Grounding and Release and want to bless and clear a room, choose Puriq. She’s my go to to clear any space or person of negativity and last year she went from my least favorite elixir to my most favorite. Cos it’s take a while to realize that roundedness is in fact the most fun and sexiest thing on the planet. Highly recommend. 

Based in organic Aloe Vera, infused with Sacred Ormus, and shamanically blessed with the energy of Puriq Q'oto, the Pleiadian Star of Grounding and Release.

Crystal Essences: Garnate, Smoky Quartz, Red Jasper
Essential Oils: Sage, Cedar, Ylang Ylang

4oz. Glass Spray Bottle. 

*elixirs are made and blessed individually by Nicola

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