Munai Q'oto: Star of Sacred Love

Munai Q'oto: Star of Sacred Love


*each elixir purchase includes a gift certificate for a $33 guided journey from the 7OM library

If Love of all kinds is on your mind this holiday season (hahahahah, we just became the hallmark channel) but seriously, if opening your heart and welcoming Love into your life on a radiant level, then Munai is your go to spritz in the morning. Can you hear the angels singing so sweetly in your ears right now: That’s Munai q’oto at play.

Based in organic Aloe Vera, infused with Sacred Ormus, and shamanically blessed with the energy of Munai Q'oto, the Pleiadian Star of the Heart and the Star of Sacred Love. 

Crystal Essences: Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Lithium Quartz
Essential Oils: Sacred Frankincense, Geranium, White Angelica.

4oz. Glass Spray Bottle. 

*elixirs are made and blessed individually by Nicola

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