RUNNING LENGTH: 40 minutes

This guided Journey Meditation in conjunction with the star of Munai is perfect for when you are ready to bring more Love into your realms. Whether you are looking for love, wanting to rekindle a love, or simply wanting to experience the world with more love, it all starts from one place: opening your own heart and your own eyes to the Love that already exists inside your own Being. This guided meditation journey energetically atunes you to these frequencies. And because of the principle of “as within so without”, watch, just watch as your outer world starts reflecting your new inner reality. Perfect for those both in relationships and those looking for a relationship.

The additional guided ritual involves two rituals; the first involves the old art of actual letter writing, and the second is an internal ritual relating to the eyes with which you see. Eye-opening and life changing on every level imaginable and likely to bring in more loving encounters and experiences on a daily basis.


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