Running Length: 30 minutes. 

This Guided meditation Journey in conjunction with the star of Llanqaq comes with the gifts and blessings of Authenticity. In addition, during the Journey, you will connect you to your Spirit Animals, initiate the Rainbow rings of Protection, and be tuned to the frequencies of Authentic Self-Expression.

We truly find the peace we have been searching for when we are able to know who we are and express ourselves truthfully and authentically. This guided meditation and ritual will help release any energetic blocks and allow you to Sing your Truth, in whatever ways resonate with your own Soul. And because authentically expressing ourselves is so crucial to overall Health and Wellbeing, what a beautiful coincidence that the frequencies of the Star of Llanqaq also relate to good health and comfort.  

The additional ritual involves creative self-expression in a way that is both modern and anciently inspired, will help connect you to your Spirit Animals and strengthen your understanding of your purpose on this planet, which is a gift to all; ultimately an authentically expressed person is also a very happy and vibrant person.

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