Sacred Words: There Will Come A Day...

Sacred Words: There Will Come A Day...


A sacred transmission for when you can no longer do things the way you have been doing them. When life and your calendar, and all the things you have created and scheduled to keep you busy no longer fill the Void. When the thought of going to another social event and engaging in small talk fills you with absolute terror... 

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"There will come a day, there will come a day, there will come a day where you literally literally cannot continue doing what you are doing the way that you have been doing it. There will come a day where you literally won't be able to take another step, where the things that kept you going, the things that you immersed yourself in, or the things that you created in your calendar to satisfy a part of yourself, can no longer be created, no longer satisfy you to the point that a part of you feels as though you have no choice but to stop and to regroup and to go inside. And to go inside in such a profoundly, profoundly deep and often, or I should say sometimes painful way. When you stop, everything that you have been running from catches up or arrives or show itself. And sometimes we don't even know what those thing are, but we recognize the resonance of them, and we are so deeply terrified that we will run and we will run and we will run until we can't run anymore. Until the running becomes so exhausting to our Soul that whatever it is that we have been running from can no longer have the power over us that it did. And that will be one of the greatest, greatest days of your life. 

And if you are there right now, if you are standing or sitting or lying in a spot, and there is not a single direction that feels like it will fill the hole of where you are, allow a tiny part of your Being to reJoice. And if you can't rejoice, allow these words and allow this knowing to Soothe a part of your Soul for the bravery and the Courage to stop, to stand, or to lie or to sit in the unknowing, in the fear, in the pain, in the loneliness, to allow the loneliness or the anger or the fustarion or the pain. But really most of these things, most of these emotions, most of these fears, at the root of the root of the root there is a feeling of Loneliness and whether it is a Loneliness from Soul, whether it is a Loneliness from the Divine, a Loneliness that is existential at its core, or whether it is a Loneliness that is human at its core. Allowing this Loneliness in now. Invite it in. Invite it in. And know that by inviting it in, it won't engulf you, it won't be so huge and so large that you'll never get up again. But in the running from the Loneliness, we enforce it. We help it to grow. And we run and we run and we run.

And behind us this billowing cloud of exhaustion grow larger and larger and larger. And at some point, the old tools don't work anymore. At some point, we allow ourselves to speak In the Loneliness, we allow the sobs to come through. Whether there are people in our lives, whether there are close friends, family members in our lives or not, the Loneliness is the Loneliness is the Loneliness. Allow it in. Open the door. Turn around. Welcome it. Welcome it. Welcome it. For at its core, at its core, this loneliness is the connection, and is the ticket to the Connection that will soothe your Soul and open your Heart. Allow this Loneliness in. Allow it to Breath. Without having to know what it means to allow it in, just decide in this moment, decide to allow it in. Breathe and breath and breath...

And weep and weep and weep. And heave and sigh. And feel and feel. And allow and allow and allow.

(Energetic Transmission.)

This is the Surrendering. This is what it is to be in a surrendered state. To Surrender is to allow the truth of your Being and your Psyche to be, to be witnessed, to be seen, to be known, to be heard, to be acknowledged. Allowing it to be, allowing it to be. You are not surrendering to something. You are surrendering into something. You are surrendering into a state of honesty, of authenticity, and of Truth. And while they say that the only way out is through, the truth is, the truth is, there is no way out. There is simply a way in.

And as we go in, and as we go through, and as we invite in the pieces of ourselves, as we invite in the feelings that we may have run from, as we acknowledge them, as we welcome them to the table that is our life, there is a Release and there is Sigh and there is a Magic that comes. For as we welcome the parts and the pieces that we have tried so hard to fight or ignore or run from, as we invite them back, as we invite them in, there is a majesty and an opening that occurs. The gates to the Kingdom that is You, the gates to the kingdom that is an effervescent and beautiful and exquisite Life on this earth in this lifetime, those gates are opened. Those gates are opened in a way that only you can do. And they are opened by allowing.

By allowing the fear. To allow the feelings of isolation and despair and shame and anger and frustration. Allowing them up, allowing them to come to the table. Putting them in the keypad and knowing that as they are witnessed, as they are witnessed, they start to dissolve. And as they dissolve, as you stand or you sit or you lie, you alchemize your Being. You cannot pluck them out. You cannot do surgery. You cannot remove them from your Being and hope that they will never come back to be addressed. You witness them and you love them. And you might not know where to turn or where to go. You might not even be able to imagine being on this earth. And yet I promise you that if, in this moment, you can just allow allow allow, there is a transmuting that is available to you.

It doesn't have to happen to day. It doesnt have to happen tomorrow. And in some weird weird way, the allowing has to happen for the sake of the allowing and not because we are trying to get anywhere else. The allowing happens because we surrender to a bigger picture of ourselves. And as we do that, as we do that, we allow a deeper, truer and in some ways newer Sense of Reality to open. If we can lie here and acknowledge the deepest Loneliness we may ever have known in our lives, we are met. And you know what we are met by? The whole Universe. The whole Universe. The whole Universe. And we are met by Ourselves. 

We are met by the Beloved that lives inside us and around us. And we don't go searching or yearning. We just allow and we allow and we allow. And we allow for ourselves to be human, to know that we didn't come to this earth to walk alone. There may be times and there will be times that we do walk alone, and times that we choose to walk alone. But to be in community, to feel the yearning or the need for another is part of the human experience. And to give ourselves, in this moment, permission, permission to want to walk in partnership, to acknowledge that there may be a loneliness inside ourselves, inside our Souls that cannot be filled by another. And yet, there are aspects of our existence that to walk this path and this journey in communion with another is the highest form of living a heavenly life on earth.

Allowing the truth of our feelings and our yearnings and our fears to rise, to be seen, to be known, to be experience as our own, to know that we have done nothing wrong, to know the we have made no wrong decisions, to know that everything everything has brought us to this place and to this moment. And as we allow, as we allow it all to come up and all to come in, we start the process of receiving the blessings, the blessings that we gift ourselves, the blessing that are our birthright, and the blessings that we came here to taste. There is a Oneness that is available to each and everyone of us walking this planet. There is a wholeness, there is unity. And as we discover it is in ourselves more and more, as we discover it in our own Beings, we understand that to walk this earth side by side with another is a profound profound and joyous Gift. 

We own our own loneliness. We own it. We don't look to someone else to fill it. We own it AND we get to walk side by side with another. And so it is. and so it is. And so it is.