AVAILABLE : 8.08.19


Please join me from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world,
at any time for this gorgeous activation, transmission, and vibrational gift ready for immediate access.

Together, we’ll receive the codes and the gifts of this year’s Lion’s Gate Portal - flowing through your crown chakra as we speak.

I’ll also introduce you to and share the second vibrational pillar of the 7OM Academy.
It’s one of my favorite Alchemic Principles & shifts everything.

yag_2019_arrow copy.png

For those who have not heard of it previously, every year, beginning with the first day of the Mayan Calendar on July 26th,
the Magical, Celestial Lion’s Gate Portal opens.

And the energy peaks on 8-8.

Tune into the vibration of the 8 for a moment.
See if you can feel the tingles in your toes.

The energies of Egypt and the pyramids of Giza are very present, and there are tangible Golden, Diamond frequencies pouring in to your Being during this time. Have no fear. This is all very gentle and very tangible. In the same way that July and eclipse season was so much about preparing the space and tying up loose ends, this portal is very much about receiving actual, tangible blessings.

The effervescent kind…


This Special Lions Gate Portal Bundle includes:

*90 minute Lions Gate Portal Transmission

Downloadable keepsake writing prompt doc
(please fill in by hand)

*60 minute guided journey for Newness
(my absolute favorite right now)

*60 minute guided journey for Sacred Union


*two sound transmissions ::
one pure sound + one words

(Total A La Carte Value: $222)


$88 before 08.11
$111 after 08.11

Includes Lifetime Access.



In addition to harnessing and receiving the specifics gifts and vibrational codes of this Lion’s Gate Portal, I will also share

the Second Foundational Pillar Of Alchemy

and help us incorporate it into our own lives.

Ultimately, if you have worked with me enough, you know that for all the portals and the eclipses and the moons, embodying the teachings are the actual path to holy deliciousness on a daily basis that we came here for. I won’t share too much about the pillar, but if you have been pondering these concepts recently:



Love & Acceptance

then this class and transmission will resonate deeply.

Equally, if there have been blocks in receiving the gifts and the beauty and the bounty from the Universe and it feels like you have been trying to “muscle” receiving, this class will help explain and release the blocks.

And as ever, be super gentle.

These energies are potent right now.


See You In The Academy!