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4 Part Video Series

Inspired by The Temple of Illumination

module 1:

An invitation to viscerally experience your own multi-dimensionality.

Enjoy the 50 minute long transmission video. Lay on bed, sit cross legged, go for a walk, listen while you’re doing the dishes. However you want to receive it is perfect. And notice if you feel things moving viscerally in your energetic and physical body as you receive it. People often report feeling actual energy moving in their bodies as they listen and a deep sense of calm after it completes. Enjoy!

Post Transmission Writing Prompts:

Please try not to read the prompts before watching the video. Once you have finished the video, get out your journal and just let your hands write out the prompt and then keep writing and writing until you feel complete.

As ever, you cannot do this wrong!


This transmission was…

It made me feel…

I noticed that….

My body feels….


When I tuned into the notion of guilt as Nicola expressed it, I felt….

I am ready to….

Please know….

My intention as I step into the rest of this day is…

I am grateful for….


Module 2:

Energy Before Matter


Welcome Welcome Welcome to the 7OM Academy !!


Module 3:

Soul Frequency


Welcome Welcome Welcome to the 7OM Academy !!


Module 4:

Prosperity for All


Welcome Welcome Welcome to the 7OM Academy !!


Once You Are Complete,
feel free to peruse our other courses below…


Super Simple Training For Release For The Lazy Shaman In Us All...

The transmission in this video is perfect for the “lazy shaman” in us all. When we just want to get the gold without too much effort. You can enjoy it at any point that you are needing to shift some energy and it is both simple and powerful and nourishing. It’s one of the first fundamental teachings Shamans teach you on the Journey to Alchemist and can be used at any given moment.


Join me for You Are Golden, our gorgeous 4 module digital money mindset reset to release any ancestral financial karma and re-ignite the codes of Prosperity and Ease in your own Consciousness. This course changes lives on a deep level.

The proof ? Hear from a fellow Goldie on the beautiful shifts happening through this course:

Am grateful to @nicola.behrman and her incredible You Are ✨ Golden program for giving me the opportunity to bring ritual into a different part of life, the area where things often get sticky and icky. Yep, the green stuff: money. She’s teaching us all to see and feel it more like honey and as I’ve worked through her beautifully brilliant program I’ve been acknowledging how essential it is for women to collectively clear their programming re this stuff.