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7OM is a journey of sacred soul yumminess for people of all faiths, non-faiths, and those who have the deep desire to illuminate their beings and their worlds from the inside out. For as the sages say: "as above so below. as within so without."

To begin, all you need is a journal and a magic pen and a deep rooted sense of curiosity and wonder.

The E-Course also includes a weekly guided meditation Journey and Activation, and a series of specific suggested practices to brighten up your world, inside and out. For what the wise ones have always known is that the real Temple of Illumination is right inside our own bellies, quietly waiting for us to go inside and turn the light on. And then the magic show really begins.

are you ready?


What is the 7OM Celestial Journey?

A beautiful and illuminating Journey of Inner Alchemy that once completed, you will be energetically connected to and supported by the Seven Sisters Stars of the Pleaides. The actual Journey includes weekly guided meditation journeys and simple but powerful rituals culminating in an hour long shamanic energetic guided meditation journey to the Temple of Illumination in the Pleiades where you will receive healing and cleansing and gifts and sacred information on your life's journey from your specific light team.  The Journey also includes 7 weeks of curated daily journaling that will unleash tangible Magic into your life and bring in a myriad of gifts and aha moments of revelation. All in the comfort of your own home.

That's a pretty big claim.

True. And also true.

How do you know?

'Cos I've experienced it first hand and I've also witnessed several hundred people take this Celestial Journey, and I'm telling you, Magic and Miracles. That's about all I can say.

OK, miss positivo. So how does this actually work?

You will purchase a special notebook and a magic pen. Then you will be receiving a question or a writing prompt every day for the 7 weeks. You need to commit to spending five minutes a day to complete the writing prompt in order to successfully complete the Journey. In addition, there will be 7 weekly guided audio meditations that you find a relaxing spot and listen to each week on Tuesday evenings, and 7 weekly DIY rituals for you to do by yourself or with friends. You'll also be lighting a candle and saying a prayer/ blessing for the world every day. 

I'm a little busy and kinda stressed by my life. Why would I do this?

Because ultimately it will destress you and help you find clarity and a sense of reconnection. It's a beautiful opportunity to go inside, take a peek at who you are, remember the beauty of your Soul, and clear out any dross that has been getting in the way. And because while many of us spend years outsourcing our yearnings and our questions and search for answers "out there" we often miss the most amazing source of inspiration, wisdom and divine guidance, and it's right where your finger tips meet your pen.   

What's the endless fascination with Questions & writing prompts?

The greatest thinkers of our time knew that the secret to all magical things and successful creative endeavors is in the asking of the right question. When we put pen to paper and start with a simple question and then another and another, and we allow ourselves to respond from our hearts, magic and miracles occur. We see things we never saw before, we make connections we didn't realize were there, and we discover things about ourselves and our dreams and desires that blow our worlds right open, in the best way possible. It was right here, we say to ourselves. It was right here all along. I just didn't know what to ask.

Why do I need to get a notebook? Can't I just write them on my computer? Are you a luddite?

You can. But something very precious and beautiful happens when you put actual pen to paper. It triggers part of your brain and your wider consciousness that the keyboard just doesn't tap into. And things get lost in the ethers of the internet. When the experience is over, to have an actual book written in your own hand that you can share with others or keep privately for yourself is really a profound gift. And you are literally taking a Journey, so it's kinda appropriate to have an actual scrap-book/ journal of the experience.  

Where did the inspiration come from?

The Sages and Religions and Great Wisdom Traditions and cultures knew it. Journeys, taken for a specific period of time, particularly of the internal kind, particularly when taken in community at the same time or led by a guide, and particularly involving an element of ritual, self-reflection and prayer, are the path to Gold. This is where the magic happens. This is where we remember the truth of who we are and why we are here. This is where we become Internal Alchemists. And we don't need to go to the mountaintop or the temple to do it. We can literally do it in our very homes with paper and a pen. It's ultimately very self-empowering.

Why is it called 7-OM?

It's inspired by the intersection between the Peruvian Shamanic teachings and the wisdom of the 7 Stars of the Pleiades Constellation + The Kaballistic Teachings of the 7 Weeks of the Jewish festival of the Omer, and the magic that happens when we illuminate our insides and see the beautiful ways in which our external worlds start to blossom as a result. For as the Sages say: "As above so below. As within so without."

I'm not Jewish, I don't believe in religion, and I know absolutely nothing about the Peruvian Shamanic teachings of the Pleiades Stars? Why do I feel the calling to do this?

Because your Soul is calling you. And your Soul doesn't care about labels or specific traditions, it cares about what is authentic and true.  This isn't a Jewish thing or a Peruvian Shamanic thing. It's a Secularly Sacred thing for anyone on the planet. One of the amazing things we are realizing about life in the 21st century is that while a lot of people don't resonate with specific religions, we do yearn for Spiritual exploration and illumination, and my personal mission is to create and curate experiences that transcend the notion of religion and exclusivity and allow us to tap into what's deeply Sacred and accessible to all.

There's something a little familiar about this concept.

Correct. Your curator and guide was one of the co-creators of 10Q, a gorgeous time capsule curated Q&A experience that has been happening every September for the past nine years. Over 40,000 people have participated and again, this included every faith and non-faith under the's a beautiful mecca for people yearning for some soul nourishment without having to prescribe to a specific doctrine.

What are the rituals and meditations about? Will we have to burn goats?

Every Tuesday night, I will be leading you on a guided meditation that helps explore and anchor in the theme and the teaching of that specific Star whose energy we will be working with. There will be suggested tools from a variety of different energetic traditions that you can explore to bring in more tangible magic to your life. And no, no goat burning. But there will be a little paper burning.

Are you a witch?

Not a witch, No. Though I know some beautiful ones. I'm more of the starseed, high priestess, alchemist archetype.  

Ooh, fancy. And you commune with the stars?

Every chance I get.

And you were given the rites to work with the energy and the teachings of the Pleiades? What does that mean?

A large part of my own Journey of Illumination has involved working with and training with different healers and spiritual teachers around the world. In 2013, through a series of ceremonies and energy transmissions with the Peruvian Q'ero Elder Don Mariano Quispe Flores, I was honored to receive the rites to work with the energies of the Pleiades (Constellation) with the specific intent of sharing these beautiful energies and teachings in the West for healing and upliftment. I now share these in a variety of ways, including individual Soul Readings and private Journeys at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. 

You're kinda cool. And weird. And cool.

Thanks. You too.

I wanna hear more about the Pleiades. I feel like I know them but I don't really know them. 

You will. There are seven of them specifically and the theme and area of interest of each one ties in to a week of 7OM. I promise to tell you about each one during the week. And whether you take it as metaphor or actuality, I predict they will bring much magic and wisdom and joy into your life.

When are the guided journeys and rituals happening? What happens if I can't make them?

The weekly guided Journeys take place every Tuesday night. At 7PM PST, I'll convene a fifteen minute centering for the group in the Facebook temple, invite you to connect your energy to the group, and then you'll listen to the guided audio journey and complete the ritual that night in your own home. If you can't attend on Tuesday nights, you can allot another night to do them, but I'll want to hear from you every week that they have been completed. 

OK I'm in. Only problem is. I sign up for a million things and never make it past half way through. If I'm lucky. 

I hear you. I'm totally that person too, which is why we are embarking on this journey together. We will be meeting and communing in the private Facebook group and I will personally be holding you accountable to your commitment and will help you make it through any resistance that comes up. And it will. That is it's job. But you are not a quitter. You are going to get to the end of this Journey, and it will be sublime, and then you will literally have rewired your brain into completion mode, which bodes beautifully for future endeavors.

That sounds cool. I need a better incentive.

I like your honesty. There'll be a completion chart for you to tick every day. Tag a picture of your box ticked calendar at the end of each week, and there will be special special awesome sauce prizes. Like crazy awesome.

Like crazy crazy awesome?

Like crazy crazy awesome.

Done. What's the hashtag your Royal Question Asker?

#7OM of course. Go. Tag. Now. Then print your calendar.

You're so bossy.

That is the truth. For good reason -- This isn't just for you and your personal yumminess quota. Although that is supremely important. But it's for the whole world. Particularly right now. Because the only answer to the darkness so many currently fear, is the shining of a Light so bright that we remember the bigger picture of humanity, and who we are and why we are here. The Celestial Light of the Seven Sisters provides this Light and will help you gift it out to everyone you come into contact with. We truly cannot fight darkness with darkness, but we can shift the world by having more bright, illuminated cosmic beings walking the planet who remember who they truly are and what is possible. It's good for humanity. It's good for the ethers. It's good for the soil. It's good for our Souls. So, go. Now. Enroll already. I'll see you in the Temple.