the e-course

Your 7OM Journey of Illumination includes 7 Weeks of Tools + Practices

* Rest + Rejuvenate your physical, mental and spiritual Bodies. 

* Release the old + bring in the New. 

* Receive sacred information and guidance. 

* Connect to the Frequencies of Abundance and Prosperity in a Visceral and Tangible way. 

* Air out your Heart + Learn the Secret of How to Bring more Love into your Realms.

* Increase your ability to Speak your Truth Powerfully and Authentically.

* Connect more deeply to your Intuition and your Light Guides that are supporting you on this Journey. 

* And finally a full body Illumination from the inside out that will cause other people to ask you where your Internal Glow is coming from. True Story. 

You Will Receive: 7 Weekly Guided Meditation Journeys, Teachings + DIY Rituals to support the above and bring in the Magic relating to the arena of each week's topic. 

49 Daily Guided Writing Prompts to connect you profoundly to the wisdom of your inner Knowing and allow it to guide and gift and wow you. 

Membership to a private Facebook group during the Journey, where you will have access to Nicola to share your Journey and receive feedback on specific experiences.  

Before signing up to join, take a moment to say Yes out loud to the Universe. Then hit the magic button and go find a nice notebook. We'll see you on the other side.

SUPER IMPORTANT INFO: When you see the little box that says "JOIN OUR MAILING LIST" on the next page, make sure to keep it ticked. This is how you will be receiving your daily missives and instructions.

price: $245