When's Your Golden Hour?



I am a magical Being. Clearly.
You are a magical Being. 100%.

Many many magical beings begin with a fear that if they do the tangible,
grounded things that they will lose their magic.

This is a lie.



This is resistance charading as your magical pal. True magic soars and flies when we allow it to be grounded and rooted in specific practices. This is why incremental steps work. This is what coaching and mentorship and accountability partnerships work. Because tangible steps mixed with MAGICAL beings make us Soar. One of the tangible containers I engage in myself every single week is called the Golden Hour.

"What’s Your Golden Hour?” you ask. 

Your Golden Hour is one hour a week that you commit
to sitting down and connecting with your moolah.
Just one hour a week.

And the rest of the week, you can allow the psychic pressure of denial to dwindle. Because you’re not denying anything. You have marked out one hour a week, every single week where you will sit at a desk (preferably - because it feels fun and sexy) and you will tend to what needs tending to financially. This means, looking at your bank balance, paying a bill, reading an article about money, and right now doing your You Are Golden homework. You have no idea how quickly your life can shift when you carve out small amounts of time to do your homework and honor your commitments.

Hours and hours and hours of psychic stress and distress DISAPPEAR when you know that you are taking care of yourself in this way. You do not have to have it all worked out. You don’t have to become a financial genius overnight. This isn’t about fast-tracking. This isn’t about obsession. This isn’t about overwhelm. This is about small tangible, incremental steps that completely shift your internal energy. And when you shift your internal energy, everything shifts on the external. 



We often feel fearful to sit down and do this hour every week for two reasons — 

1) We feel like we have an entire mountain to climb and that one simple hour won’t get us to where we want to be, so we’d rather ignore it rather than face a small section of it. In response to that, I say this and I say it from personal experience — This is a co-creative venture. Your ego is scared to sit down and engage with money because it feels like it has to do it all itself. And of course that is a herculean task. But that’s not how this works — you simply do your part. With a little bit of curiosity and a huge dose of patting yourself on the back for keeping your commitment to yourself for one hour a week. And then the Universe rises to meet you. It’s actually you rising to meet yourself, and it’s you rising to meet the Universe. But it doesn’t matter. It’s an equation. And the only part you have to think about right now is showing up for one hour a week - your Golden Hour - and engage with finance. Make it fun. Make it sexy. Seriously. I had the MOST fun paying my bills last week. Cos I got to clear psychic space and remind myself that I am taking care of business and that is awesome. 

2) The second reason we fear the Golden Hour, is that there is a part of us that so identifies with who were in the past, with the version of ourselves that was disorganized or in denial or scared of money, that we literally fear that we won’t recognize ourselves if we suddenly shift a major way of Being. At the depths of any of your fear of money, ask yourself if there is a fear that you will be somehow different if this stuff suddenly becomes a breeze for you? Ask yourself if there’s a fear that you won’t recognize yourself and you’re scared of that. And then tell your little one that they are safe, and that you are ALWAYS going to be YOU. And that you are doing this for them. There will still be magic. There will still be fun. And invite them into the Golden Hour with you. See if they like playing with numbers and looking at numbers. See if they want to draw anything or write anything out. This is a collaborative process. And you’ll be surprised just what your little one can bring to the table. 



Declare a Golden Hour.

Declare it today for the next three weeks and stick to it.

Mine is Tuesdays at 11am pacific.
You are welcome to do then too and then report back.

My prediction: everything will shift.

Everything everything everything will shift.
Cos those yogis knew what they were talking about when they said we Root To Rise. 



And if you’re feeling the itch to shift this stuff beautifully for good, you can now get instant access to YOU ARE GOLDEN…Come join us. Whether you want to experience this with an accountably partner, or simply quietly do the work and the modules privately in your own time, there is some serious magic unfolding courtesy of the You Are Golden portal.

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