Temple Of Illumination March 2017 Transmission

Fridays are for alchemic transmissions to clear our week, take a breath, and remember who we actually are and why we came here. 

I'll be doing one of these the first friday of each month, and maybe even more often depending on the energy of times. Watch this space.

And for more magic, join me on the next Celestial Journey. We begin April 8th, and while the content and the experience is always the same, there is a different frequency to the group and who joins. The last Celestial Journey that 55 beautiful Souls from all over the world joined me for, was the frequency of Avalon and the High Priestesses and Priests, and the frequency of this next group is Israel and the Elohim. Do you feel that? That's the goosies of angels rejoicing at all who are coming together for this! 

More information and to register here.

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