Tarpuq Q'oto + New Beginnings

Tarpuq Q'oto

The Pleiadian Star of New Beginnings

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In the Andean tradition,
the Star in the Pleiades Constellation that relates to
New Beginnings is referred to as: Tarpuq Q’oto (Q’oto means star.)

Tarpuq Q’oto assists in igniting the Spark within
to help create newness and ignites the golden flame inside
that gives us the energy and the power to step into our lives.

As ever, can you feel it in your feet as you
even just read these words?

Can you tune in and actually feel the notion of a flame being ignited in your pelvis?
It's literally switching you on. And it's so beautiful because as we are witnessing
and learning more and more, our sexual energy and our creative
energy is all the SAME thing.

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If you want to live your deepest creative dreams, then you will have no choice but to live an orgasmic life. And that's a courageous move - it means feeling all the feels, loving all the places that have felt shameful or wrong, and ultimately burning off anything that has prevented you from knowing the absolute truth of your Being - that you are Divinity in human form. You. Yes. You. Right here. Right now. It's not just for the religious ones. It's not just for the mystics. It is for every single one of us walking the planet. And you don't have to go to the mountain top to receive the invitation. You can honestly, receive it in real time, over Instagram, and Facebook, and Pinterest. WTF?!?!

This is the holographic world we live in. This is what the rainbow babies know -- that this life is one aspect of your greater Soul knowing. And the second you meet people or situations that can remind you of the deeper potentiality in this life, you can literally receive anything anywhere. Cos it's all inside you already. What a trip. What a beautiful beautiful trip.

If it resonates, you can say TARPUQ Q'oto out loud and see how it feels. Try it on for size. It might feel fizzy or sizzle-filled, or gentle or warm or tearful. Or all of the above. Be gentle. And allow it in. And watch the creative life-force start entering your realms even more DEEPLY.

Want to work with the energy and vibration of
Tarpuq Q'oto and her sisters?

Then joins us for our Celestial Journey below!

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