7OM Sacred Words: Can You Believe It's Coming Before It's Here?

Happy Solstice All. 

The Light that is streaming in with this Solstice is super activating
and there is a specific frequency to it: Dreams Made Manifest.

There's a Masculine feel to it.
The Sacred Masculine that gets stuff done,
that puts our dreams into reality,
that takes the steps.

This is the energy we are being gifted.
But we have to be able to Receive it.
How do we do that?

In a nutshell: We allow ourselves to Believe. Even when there is no tangible proof yet.
We allow our Hearts to show us the proof before the pudding is even in the oven. 

If you can tune into the place of Yesness before the tangible has shown up,
there is a lot of potent and powerful energy waiting to rush in and prove your hypothesis.

My hypothesis for you? 

That your dreams are real, that it's time for them to be made manifest,
and that you are going to start seeing kernels of evidence that back this up in the upcoming weeks.

Audio Sacred Words Below.
Keep me posted. 

PS: Our monthly guided journey meditation this Saturday is with King Ra and the Goddess Isis. No-one says inspired action and get off that procrastination couch like the RA. And how ironic that all you have to do to receive the transmission is....lie down on your Couch and receive receive receive...The Universe sure does have a sense of humor. Join us this Saturday here and we'll bless your dreams with the deliciousness of the Sacred Masculine: http://7-om.com/offerings/7om-guided-journey-for-sacred-sexuality-activation-facebook-live