Qanqaq Q'oto + The Star of Illumination

Qanqaq Q'oto

The Pleiadian Star of Illumination

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Qanqaq Q'oto is the final
star of the 7 sisters of the Pleiades, and drum-roll please....

She is the Star of Illumination.

She literally opens your crown so that the energy of the stars and the heavens can flow through you, so you can walk as a turned on light-emanating magical being in this world. So that you can recognize others at a 5th dimensional soul level, so that you can see who they actually are in archetypal form, so that you can do nothing more than look with the eyes of the divine and watch the way this earth and this world lights up for you. Steps ahead start to make themselves known to you, intuitions hit at just the right moment, people and opportunities fall into your lap in ways that you cannot explain but make your heart chuckle with delight...

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You walk with a remembering of who you TRULY are as a majestic being, and from here everything else flows forth. This remembering is truly the reason that we are here.

This is the Awakening.
This is Enlightenment.

Right here available to every single one of us who walks this planet. There is an Energy coming through to this planet as we speak that is literally working our Heart Chakras open. It's very specific and particular and ultimately incredibly nourishing when you can tune into it. Take a moment in the stillness now and allow it to come through. Allow it to come through. This is why we are here. For this sensation in this moment. This is truly it. And when we realize it, the other things we think we want start showing up too, but they are not the purpose. The stillness and the Majesty of being Alive in this human body, Remembering the truth of our own Connection and Being and Beauty. That's why we came. And that's what is available to us right now.

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My hope as you have taken this mini journey with us, is that you tune into what you have already always known - that you are vastly connected to this Universe and to the stars above in ways that knock your socks off. My hope is that you will be a conduit for the magic and the mystery that is available to all of us, so that people will see the light with which you walk, will feel the ways in which you are a beacon for what is possible and that in turn you will help switch on their own connections and Light. We are literally initiating each other at this point — when you are connected energetically to the Pleiades and other constellations, you literally share awaken others you connect with to their magic without ever having to say a word.

This is Alchemy.

This is where and how the magic happens.
This is your birthright as a cosmic being walking these lands.

This is how the Universe awakens to itself.

This is how we know deliciousness the likes we have only dreamed of.
And it all comes from within.

And while I don't tend to bamboozle you with testimonials or attempts of persuasion (that stuff never works to my mind, and I trust a deeper knowing and connection and urge in us all) my secret hope is that you will join us for the full Celestial Journey -- it is one of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed, and just seeing the creativity and joy and love that flows through peoples lives again and again and again after they take it...well, it's the stars doing the work, but i am insanely proud of what has channeled through me in this way. I would adore the celestial journey even if I had nothing to do with its creation. And I have a sense you will too!

See you in the portal.

Here's to 7 delicious weeks of magic-making together!!

And so it is!!

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