Hello Spring Equinox + Puriq Q'oto

Puriq Q'oto

The Pleiadian Star of Grounding + Release

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For those who have been asking for more of the lowdown on the Pleiades and their individual meanings and vibrational frequencies, we are going to be sharing each star and a short teaching in the lead up to our Celestial Journey.

The Pleidean star Puriq Q'oto is the Star of Grounding and Release.

What’s the word "Q’oto” signify?

It means star in the Peruvian & Andean tradition in which I was passed the rites to share the frequencies of the Pleiades.

Say her name a couple of times and allow the resonance of her vibration and her energy to settle into your consciousness.

Puriq Q’oto. Puriq Q’oto. Puriq Q’oto.

She is the star of Release, and of cleansing out the old, so that we may invite in the new. For when we create space in our Souls and our Psyche, we literally open up to new possibilities and new realities, and we get to more consciously choose what we would like to bring into our realms.

She is also the star of Grounding, which is why so often with my work, when you are with me, in person, or even in the ethers through our guided journeys and transmissions, you’ll often feel energy moving and vibrating in your feet. This is the key to enlightenment and embodiment — being so rooted and grounded in your feet and on this earth that you can literally create the vessel through which the energy and the light and the celestial magic from the cosmos can flow through your physical being.

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This is why you light up a room when you enter. Because you are literally balanced and a working, running circuit of delicious celestial energy in human form. We start at the feet, we create a solid and magnificent container, we release what no longer serves us, and from here, we fill our entire Beings with Light. This is why people touch our skin and our hair and marvel at the supernatural, otherworldly softness of it — because we are literally filled with the stars. Whether you realize it or not, you are already connected to the Pleiades — all these teachings and the celestial journey does is switch on the connections that already live inside you.

And from here the magic flows and flows and flows...

As we step into spring equinox, with her gorgeous sense of possibility and delight, it’s a perfect time to release anything from the winter months that no longer serves. 

The magic is waiting to happen...

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