7OM Journey Week 2 ~ Tarpuq Q'oto: New Beginnings

Tonight as you know, we are going to be doing the Guided Journey Meditation and Ritual that relates to Tarpuq Q'oto, the star of New Beginnings. This video was the accompanying video for Tarpuq Q'oto over the summer. If you are a European Celestial Journeyer and you cannot make our 7PM Facebook Live tonight, then this will give you a perfect advanced flavor of the energy we are working with. As I watch it again tonight, and I realize that this was recorded back in July, I am so taken with the prescience of it, particularly in relation to the upcoming inauguration of the new President of the US and all that that is bringing with it. 

We are living in amazingly new times. If there is any fear inside you relating to the changes, allow the vastness of the bigger picture to be your anchor right now. It's very Bright. It truly is. 

With love,

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