Nawi Q'oto + Abundance

Nawi Q'oto

The Pleiadian Star of Abundance

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Onwards on the magic mystery tour that is the Pleiades — we have reached Nawi Q'oto.

Nawi Q'oto...Nawi Q'oto...Nawi Q'oto.

The third star of the 7 Sisters, the Star of Abundance and Prosperity, and also the Star of Sacred Information and the Sealing of Energy Leaks. Yes, baby. Cos when we are truly abundance, we don't have leaks, we allow all that is to come through us and to us to infuse so beautifully. Leaks occur when we don't remember that we are worthy of the deliciousness.

Flow occurs when we remember that we are!

Nawi Q’oto assists in sealing any energy blocks we may have so that our Essence and Energy remain vibrant and flowing. She also assists in bringing Sacred Information to our Beings in the form of energetic gold and silver coins.

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The absolute perfect balance of what true abundance really is:
Vibrant flowing energy, sacred information and gold and silver suggests flowing feely to you and through you. If you have a question for the Universe about your journey or your life, Nawi Q'oto is your homegirl. She'll literally help you tune into and receive the answers in the most delectable and hilarious of ways. During the Celestial Journey, our at home ritual involves a shamanic medicine walk that we call the Serendipity Stroll, and the beauty and the bounty and the answers that flow through as a result always make us giggle. People tend to receive their phDs in license plate communication during their work with this Star, and you'll never see a car-ride in the same way again - it literally becomes the most magical adventure in Cosmic Communication there ever was. 

Want to connect more with Nawi Q'oto and anchor in her magic?
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The magic of our April Celestial Journey is upon.

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