7OM Journey Guided Journey & Ritual Week One | My Full Moon Gift To You

Tonight is the Full Moon.

And not only the Full Moon, but also an eclipse. So much stuff has been up for so many. It's like we are entering a time of such tangible and profound Light that anything that does not resonate with that frequency, anything that we have tried to stuff down for fear of being judged or shamed or worse, is now up for healing. 

The lovely news about this is that we're not being punished; we are actually being invited to create an alchemic shift inside, to gently witness that which we have tried to ignore, and to witness it lovingly with compassion for ourselves. And in doing so, we get to transmute it. This is true healing and it comes from the inside out, and it comes from bearing witness.

The beautiful group doing the Second 7OM Journey of Illumination that just began on Tuesday will be doing the first 7OM Guided Audio Journey and Ritual tonight.

To give you a small taste of the wonder, I am sharing both the Guided Journey & the Ritual with you at the bottom of the page. For those interested in jumping aboard this full Journey with us and having access to the 7OM Temple, our beautiful private group on Facebook where we share the magic, it's not too late. Registration is open until September 18th and I will catch you up on the writing prompts.  

Welcome Welcome Welcome
to our First Guided Journey Meditation together!

Above you will find a short video explaining the theme of this first week.
And below that you can download the audio Meditation Journey
and the accompanying self-guided Ritual e-book.

The name of the Star we are working with is Puriq Q'oto
and her theme is Grounding and Release. 

Tonight is the Full Moon, the mother of releasing energies,
so I suggest doing both this evening.

If you can, do the ritual outside and look up at the Moon for a moment and ask her to take any energy from you that you no longer need and mulch it into Light. She will be only to happy to assist in this alchemic process.  

* If you have any issues downloading the above audio to your phone, please download the audio to your computer first and then share to your phone.  The guided ritual will appear as a pdf. 

Now, take a moment to write a few words about your experience with the first
Guided Journey and Ritual in your 7OM Journal.

And then let us know how it went in the 7OM Temple Facebook Group. 
I am so thrilled to be experiencing this with you guys. 

You are complete. 

With love,

PS: You are welcome to share this first Guided Journey and Ritual with friends who might still like to join us. Registration is open until September 18th 2016.And they can sign up to join us here. 

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