Munai Q'oto + Love

Munai Q'oto

The Pleiadian Star of The Heart + Love

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So welcome welcome to the half way point of our little jaunt
with the Seven Sister stars of the Pleiades.

Allow me to introduce you to many peoples' favorite star — Munai Q'oto, the Star of the Heart.

Munai Q'oto relates to the frequency of Love,
and offers us the gift of what it is to live from
the precious frequency of Love that already
lives inside of each one of us.

(Remember what Q'oto means? Yup. Star in Andean.)

As this opens more and more, everything gets brighter and more joyful.


And it's not just peoples' favorite star because it relates to Love,
it's also because its the great connecter of realms and worlds.

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Energetically, the Heart is the midway point that connects
our upper and lower Energy Centers. When the Heart Space is open and clear,
it’s like an open channel for the Lower three Energy Centers and the Higher
3 Energy Centers to be able to communicate and connect and flow harmoniously.
This really is the key to walking the world in Alignment and Beauty.

This is what it is to experience the world as heaven on earth.
Not as a metaphor, not as a concept or an idea or a story, but as a
visceral and sublime experience of existence; the very
experience we came here to have.

This is what it is to be Embodied.

Munai Q’oto helps us infuse love and tenderness in all things.
She helps heal any old hurts that we have been carrying,
either our own, or other people’s that we have taken on,
and she also nurtures and nourishes our Heartfelt Dreams.

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The hummingbird is the spirit animal of these realms and
this energetic space. Look out for them this week and know that
Munai Q'oto is blessing you with an actual heart opening transmission in real time.

Close your eyes. Tune into it.
Say her name three times if you would like:
Munai Q'oto. Munai Q'oto. Munai Q'oto.

Can you feel the space in the middle of your chest light up?
Yup. Me too. And it's the BEST. And it's free.

And it's the basis of everything that ever was,
everything that is and everything that will be.
Take a moment to hang with your homegirl of the heart
this week and I predict a flutter of loveliness will make
its way to you. It might be as simple as the breeze on your skin,
and you will remember what all the greatest sages know:
That the ecstasy of that breeze on your skin is the reason
we came. Everything else comes from this. Everything.

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