Llanqaq Q'oto + Authenticity

Llanqaq Q'oto

The Pleiadian Star of Authenticity

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Onwards, intrepid explorers of the celestial realms.

Have you started to realize yet that we connect to the stars
and the pleiades specifically, not to dissociate from real life
or this earthly dimensional reality.

We connect to them so that we may anchor their energies
and the energies of the celestial realms into this earth,
literally through our Beings. This is how we become
Light beings in human form. This is how the deliciousness
flows through us and to us. This is how we show up as our true
selves - celestial beings in human form.

Llanqaq Q'oto, our fifth of the 7 sister stars of the Pleiades,
is integral in this process. She is the star of Authenticity
and relates strongly to the vibration of Authentic
Self-Expression and singing your own true Star Song.

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Authentic Self-Expression
can be tricky in a society built on conformity - this is
in many ways the biggest struggle of the awakening
process — allowing ourselves to literally BE our authentic selves
when we have taught ourselves to be "good" and to try to "fit in".

Authenticity hasn't historically
been super welcome in the mainstream.

It's considered dangerous, "too much" difficult to manage
within the context of thousands of people trying to
navigate a society and a planet together, but not truly satisfying
joy-filled, Illuminated life can exist without it, so congrats to
you for your courage in beginning to explore this realm.

Notice also that she is connected to Tarpuq,
the star of new beginnings and sacred sexuality,
because speaking our truth is essential in both spheres. 

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Know also that Llanqaq is the star of the children
and the vibration that is invoked when people have fear
or feel like they need protection. And amazingly, she tells us
what we are all learning together: 

That authenticity IS the greatest protection.

Truly truly truly.

Say her name 3 times today and invoke the frequency
of Authenticity into your life. Then allow yourself to say
something out loud to yourself that you may never have
said before. She has your back. Have no fear. The future
belongs to those who are willing to speak and act authentically.

That's the secret to everything.


You Are Ready. 

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