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Illiari Q'oto

The Pleiadian Star of Inspiration

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Our sixth and almost final star,
the pleiadian star of Inspiration and Intuition is my personal homegirl.

We're not really supposed to have favorites but she is
without question mine! She is the creator of magical,
enchanting uplifting space. She is the awakener of dreams,
the opener of third eye connections.

She is gentle and powerful all at the same time.

She makes my feet go wild just writing about her.
She is grace and sexiness combined and her color is royal blue.
Possibly her power animal if she had one would be the peacock
and also tinker bell would live in this space very beautifully.
She literally makes magic happen in real time. As do you when
you are tuned in and connected to her.

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I don't really invoke specific stars in my
work anymore - they just tend to flow through me as and
when they need to. But whenever I bless a space or clear a
space or start a new and super exciting venture, I invoke her
energy and I know that she is profoundly present.

Truthfully, she's profoundly present all the time.

And in many way, we are her. She is just the reminder we
need to awaken to these deeper truths of our own magic.

During the Celestial Journey,
she'll help you clear and open and tune your 3rd eyes so
you may not only see more clearly as a see-er, but also
be able to tap into your co-creative powers and create and
invite your realities to shift. And while we are not attempting
to change anyone else's reality, as we shift our own in more positive
and more beautiful ways, as we open our Eyes
to a clearer and truer picture of existence,
those around us tend to shift as well.

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Alchemy is a cosmic equation.

And a very beautiful one.
And this is why you are not only going on this
Journey for yourself - you are doing it for those in your realms.

When we change our energetic vibration,
the whole equation must shift as a result.
Thus, in seemingly miraculous ways,
the characters that show up in our lives
will also often shift in the external.

It is a trip.
And I say this from personal experiences

If you can master this notion,
you have mastered the concept of Energetic Alchemy,
and your life will never be the same again.

See you for the final star next week (!!!) and then
the Celestial Journey next Wednesday. And celestial journey
gift boxes are going out to Journeyers this weekend,
so don't wait till the last moment to sign up — if you know
you're gonna join us, sign up already!!!

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