Your February Energy Report


Your February Energy Report

Happy February!

The Eclipse has been and gone but the energy of it is
truly just beginning. And it’s pretty beautiful to
witness in real time. 

We filmed a short energy nugget for you to give you a taste
of what it all means and what the energy is that
we’re stepping into over the next few weeks and months.
Hint: it’s a time for internal celebration.



You have been asking, and yes, they are here!
Our 2018 elixirs are ready to take flight. Order them
whenever you like. We ship them every two weeks on the
new moon and full moon. 

Browse our 2018 celestial elixirs here


You Are Golden was such a massive and beautiful success. I'm still blown away by everything that has unfolded and continues to unfold for people. It works, guys. When you work the internal stuff, our external realities shift. It's that simple. But you do need a container in which to do it. Luckily, it now lives as its own course in the portal space — so if healing your relationship to money and prosperity, and inviting in the freedom that that brings is one of your intentions for 2018, this course is pure magic from the heavens. Enjoy it in your own time, but please make sure to do it with an accountability partner — sharing this experience is crucial to its success!!

Yes Yes Yes! Sign me up for You Are Golden here!


It’s so beautiful the ways the Universe speaks to us and guides our next steps — over the past few weeks, without anyone knowing that we were about to launch a creative cohort mentorship program, we have had more people reach out than ever before asking for private mentorship. This is how it works - this is how the universe shows us all that we are in alignment with our offerings!

We’re thrilled to announce that Nicola will be leading a small group of people with a specific dream in their heart on a creative 4 month mentorship mastermind. Temple members get 24 hour advance sign-up opportunities, and it will be open to wider community on Saturday. If there is a specific dream in your heart, this will fast track it beautifully! 

Creative Cohort! Yes! Click Here For The Deets!



Listen to the song of the month

Dance dance dance this month — the theme is BIG, and the song of this energetic moment is THUNDER by Evolve. (Of Course!) …. So get your earplugs ready, walk out into the world - wherever you are - play this song loud and go for a walk. My hope is that you will actually allow yourself to skip or move in a way that feels energized and joyous, but regardless, just allow the music to permeate your being and see how your engagement with the visuals of your surroundings shift as a result. This is literally a jolt of magic from the heavens!! Enjoy enjoy and then report back on your walk, please. It will be magic! 

And seriously, do it. In the next 24 hours.
Your life changes the minute you choose to.

That’s it. Happy February.
Happy Post eclipse. 

There is much magic and beauty and bounty afoot. 
And the more we engage with it in community, the more it amplifies.

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