The Upcoming Eclipse & What To Expect

You may have noticed that there is a lot up for people right now. We are in a very specific and important energetic period leading up to the Eclipse on August 21st and the theme of this Eclipse and what I am witnessing all over the place is the energy of Completion. 

Why should people care about eclipses and what's going on in the cosmos?

Eclipses are super super important energetically. And this is why — we are constantly and consistently receiving energy from the Cosmos.

Part of the reason that this planet seems to be going through such a crisis is because we are actually experiencing a very profound energetic, inter dimensional upgrade. We are literally remembering who we are as Cosmic Beings having human experiences and our energetic make-up is shifting from lead based Beings to Crystalline Beings. All this talk of rainbow children and crystal children coming in over the past several decades relates to the fact that the younger generations are already coming in with more highly attuned energetics and memories of who they are — and we as the older generations on this planet are catching up and going through our own metamorphosis. Eclipses hit and energetically, we have an opportunity to really jumpstart this newness and energetic possibility. It’s like the clock stops. Portals open. Relationships end. Jobs shift. We complete things. In a big way. Anything that has not been working in our lives comes up for review, so that we can leave behind anything that is stagnant and start afresh. 

The thing that I love the most is seeing how these energetics work in peoples’ lives even when they are skeptical or have no conscious knowing of what is going on — my brother is a perfect example. He’s a Manhattan based lawyer and not remotely interested in this stuff. But his life still moves with these rhythms, and I chuckle every time he tells me a big piece of news and I let him know that he is right on the money with the specifics of eclipse season.

What is the significance of this upcoming eclipse on August 21st?

This upcoming eclipse on August 21st is particularly important. It’s the completion of a six month energetic period that began at the end of February, and a period that has invited us to deeply take stock of our lives and where we are at so we may move into deeper possibility and deliciousness. Literally anything that is not in alignment with our true Soul knowing and journey at this point is going out the window, whether we like it or not. The energy of this Eclipse is very much the energy of Completion. It’s not just a metaphor. It’s happening in tangible ways. Relationships are ending, jobs are shifting. People are finally, finally taking the steps that they have wanted to for years or they are being pushed to take the steps. And it’s all connected to the Energy that is pouring is to this reality from other Galaxies now. And this is the beautiful thing — the completion is happening, because we are ready to step into something more beautiful and more aligned. It feels uncomfortable in the lead up, for sure, but if we work it and are conscious of it and are authentic in our exploration, it’s really an opportunity for profound shifts and magic. Going forward, we will witness, and you will witness, if you’re open, an increase in Serendipity, an increase in psychic powers and connection and in instant manifestation, and there will come a day where this will be very normal. The Veils are lifting even more deeply and we are remembering what we are actually capable of on an energetic level. 

What should you expect?

People should expect to experience a variety of things - but mainly, in this lead up now between the full moon and the eclipse, stuff is gonna be UP. If there are things in your life that you haven’t dealt with previously or that you have pushed under the carpet, be prepared for them to come to Light. And don’t be scared. This isn’t about punishment or suffering — it’s about clearing the way for something newer and even more beautiful. Our egos don’t like change, but it’s happening now, so feel the freedom of what that might mean to you and let it have its way with you. It’s going to anyways. Allow yourself to Surrender. Everything comes from this.  

How should you approach this eclipse?

Be super super gentle with yourself right now and all the way up to the eclipse.

Extra support?

In honor of the upcoming eclipse, we have 3 magical in-person experiences to share with you at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa and a magical digital experience with the 7OM Temple of Illumination. These offerings are a la carte individual experiences. Together they make a delicious and perfectly timed retreat.

Our in-person events will take place at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa from Saturday, August 19th to Monday, August 20th. Nicola will lead a beautiful guided meditation journey to the Stars outside by the pool on Saturday night with wine and truffles and an evening swim under the stars, then on Sunday 7OM Alchemy is doing a Dream Alchemy Ceremony, where you will literally work with the energies of the eclipse to energize  heartfelt dream, and then on Monday during the actual eclipse, Nicola will be doing a special complimentary yoga and meditation session outside under the Wishing Tree. If there is a dream in your Heart, this is a beautiful weekend to come and seed it even more deeply.

Our digital event are for those who are unable to join us in Ojai, and available to anyone anywhere in the world. We invite you to join us digitally in the Temple of Illumination for our Guided Journey Saturday, August 19th. Nicola will be leading a very special LIVE digital Eclipse Guided Journey in the Temple on the morning of the 19th at 11am, and it will be….A Journey For Completion. By signing up for this months guided journey in the Temple will grant you access to the private 7OM Alchemy Temple of Illumination Facebook group where Nicola leads a Guided Journey + Meditation every month. The membership is a reoccurring monthly payment of $22 that you may cancel at any time. 

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