7OM Journey Week 5 | Authenticity is the Answer.

For those who are currently on the full 7OM Journey with me, Authenticity is our theme of this Week's Star. And this week's thematic video explanation comes from my Grandfather's garden in Brighton, England. I was there over the Summer to officiate his memorial, and the blessing of recording one of the 7OM videos in my Gramps' garden, the very garden where I first started to understand the beauty and the bounty that comes from spending time with plants and nature and flowers is not lost on me.

As is the fact that the day after recording this video, I co-officiated his memorial service with my brother, and I sang and drummed by his graveside, while everyone placed a flower from his garden on his grave and spoke aloud a blessing for him and a beautiful memory of him. There were tears of course, but what was so astounding about the service was how joyful it was, how many smiles and giggles there were remembering this beautiful beautiful man, this man who was so wise in so many ways and so playful and joyful and silly at the same time. 

This experience of showing up in my full self, leading a ceremony and singing and drumming in an orthodox jewish cemetery gave me the opportunity to step up and step forward in my Authenticity. And while on the day that I shot this video I was somewhat nervous about the ceremony, in my heart I was also so very grateful for the opportunity to toast the man I love so much and who continues to walk with me with laughter and joy and serendipity every day. 

I love you Gramps. Thank you for inspiring me to walk so joyously in the world and to remember that giggles and laughter are some of the most deeply spiritual experiences we can ever hope to have!  

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