Hello August. Hello New Moon. Hello Lion's Gate Portal.

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Holy Mother of Eclipse Season completion, Mercury Retrograde Completion, and hello August, hello New Moon today, hello Lion’s Gate Portal on 8-8, and hello to my ever ever favorite Perseid Meteor shower peeking on August 13th. 

What a trip, guys. 

The last three weeks or so, you most likely have dug deep, or inadvertently had the digging done for you. Either way, old patterns, and any unfinished business most likely came up for review. Water has probably been super present as we’ve swum these waters, collectively and individually. And my hope is that you were able to be super super gentle with yourself during the process, and that somewhere along the road, you managed to spot an old pattern or an old way of seeing the world, and you made a slightly different choice from one you would have made in the past. 

It may have been as simple as saying No when you always say Yes, it might have been the actual closing of a chapter, it may have been reaching out and speaking your truth about something that you have kept quiet about inside, it may have been about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and saying Yes to deliciousness as it offered itself to you in new ways. 

The specifics are not quite as important as the observation and the awareness of the shifts and the commitment to gentleness with your own heart as you navigate all that is unfolding around you. 

I have said this a million times over, but it is becoming even more prescient as the energies and the light continues to flow and awaken — that our main work here is really about Gentleness and Embodiment. It seems that we are connecting with far off stars and becoming more aware of serendipity and how alchemy works and making magic in our lives: all of which is true, but the ultimate purpose of all our celestial journey-ing together is so that we can take up deeper residence in this body in this lifetime and receive the gifts that are wanting to flow forth from the wider Universe in this very moment. And then the next and the next and the next.  

It’s where Surrender comes into play, and it’s literally a lesson in how to do nothing and reprogram our brains so that we may learn how to receive and receive and receive, without having to muscle. It is a complete anomaly in modern day society, but your Soul knows that this is the real way that energy works. And pretty much everything that is happening on the path of Awakening is a reprogramming and unpicking of the rules and self-imposed regulations that says that life has to be really, really hard. Think for a moment how much you don’t believe me when I say it can be easy. Look at all the places that your brain goes to prove that it is nonsense and Pollyanna thinking. And then allow yourself to take a breath and get curious. What if it might be true? What would that mean for you? And what would it mean for your place in your family, in your community and in society at large? These are important questions as we wake up to deeper truths of Vibration and Energy. And they need to be explored so as to release any blocks to receiving.  

For now, as we get excited for the Lions’s Gate portal on 8-8 and all the good juju that flows forth with that, the theme of August is profoundly relating to the realms of Blessings. Can you feel it? In the same way that July and the eclipse season was about doing the work, revisiting our past, and been super gentle with ourselves in the process, August is very much about celebration and deliciousness and Joy. 

And it still might not be super comfortable - because most of us have also had to reprogram our ability to receive and trust the deliciousness and the beauty, and in doing so we open our hearts way open. 

But it’s very clear. There are blessings flowing in this month that have been months and years and maybe even lifetimes in the making. Trust it. Allow it to unfold. There is literally nothing for you to do beyond recognizing the beauty that is around you and trust that it’s all unfolding, regardless of cosmic dates, regardless of rituals, regardless of “asking.” It’s happening. And our job is to witness it and to notice the beauty of it in real time. That’s pretty much it. 

If there was something for you to focus on this month, it would be the question:

How Can I Allow Myself To Receive Even More Beauty & Bounty Than I Previously Thought Possible? 

Without guilt. Without fear. Without negotiation. 

How Can I Allow Myself To Receive Even More Beauty & Bounty Than I Previously Thought Possible. 

Allow yourself to ponder those words. Decide and declare, gently if you would like, that you are willing to make this commitment with me, and see where the month goes. 

And there’s no greater time to make such a declaration than a new moon, and a beautifully auspicious one at that on 08-01. 

Get yourself flowers. Do something that feels luxurious and beautiful to you. You are allowed. And it doesn’t have to be hard work to create a new moon ceremony. Just light a candle, take a bath, put a piece of music on and dance, have a bite of chocolate…declare that you will be easier on yourself and more allowing of blessings. That’s it. 

Happy New Moon to you.

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PS: My besties, Sebastien and Asher are coming to London to visit tomorrow (!!!) and my inadvertent new moon ceremony tonight was individually picking each of these flowers and putting them in a vase on our dining table while Birdy + Rhodes, Let It All Go, played in the background. And honestly, it was a life highlight in the ecstasy department :) I hope you can feel the love and the Joy in this picture. It honestly can be so so simple, when we let it. Go find yourself a flower and marvel at the Beauty, and see what it opens in you.

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