*Happy New Moon. Happy Eclipse. Happy Doors Opening To Mucho Magic With Me!


Happy New Moon. And Happy Eclipse to you. You probably were not able to visually see the effects of it from where you are today, but most likely your body and your Being has felt them over the past few days. It will most likely have felt like tiredness, maybe some achiness, possibly a sense of your spine shifting, and a general sense of #wtf. Not to mention the quintessential eclipse knowing in your heart that holding on to something that has run its course is no longer an option for you, and a general need to speak truthfully about something close to your heart. 

And while this all sounds quite intense. It’s for good reason. And you’ll see over the next few months why. Old stuff fell away during the first six months of 2019, and there’s a lightness and a sense of something new and very beautiful being realized flowing in. You will see and look back in wonder at the timing!

Often times, people ask me what to do during these moments, what do they mean, and how to harness the full power of whatever is going on. And at this point, it feels really important to say that you are already harnessing the full power of whatever is going on. It’s really impossible to ignore. It’s really only our brains for the most part that want to ace this “test” and do it in the right way. There’s really not much to do beyond listen to what your heart is actually telling you in any given moment and allow yourself to rest when your body asks for it. 

If that feels hard to do, and like you’re jonesing for an actual tool to work with, then obviously meditation is essential during these times. And my go-to suggestion is always this: 7 minutes of meditation in the morning, whip out your journal and then allow yourself to write whatever you feel the need to get out of your finger tips.

And if you really want to go for gold, take a moment to invite your younger self to also get in on the action by asking them if they have anything they would like to share with you (this can be through writing or even a minute when you are in the car at a stop light, or even a minutes break during the ay when you go to the bathroom.) Just ask them if they have anything to say to you. Listen with a full heart, and then notice if the antsiness that was there moments before has subsided at all. 

Ultimately this is all simply energy working its way through our system for our benefit of awakening to what’s possibly and available as multi-dimensional beings in human form. Our work isn’t try and work out the perfect ritual to do etc etc. during this time. Our work is simply to help calm the parts of us that are terrified of change. The more gentle we can be with ourselves, the more we can remember that there is a dynamic happening inside our own psyches that our Souls are aware of, the more we can allow ourselves to fully embody the magic and the light that is flowing in (regardless of whether we ever do another ritual again!)

That being said, I’m aware that I have been working with Energy and Alchemy and transmutation for many years at this point, and I have found that on the road to this moment, there are many gorgeous rituals and meditations that have helped me understand how energy works and helped me harness my higher connections to the magic at play so that we can get to the point that we don’t consciously need to.

That’s precisely the purpose of the Celestial Journey and why I created it. And it’s somewhat perfectly timed, and never accidental, that for the first time in over a year, I am opening the doors to lead the Celestial Journey this month.

It is my greatest, greatest Joy to teach this. If there was one experience with me that I have seen peoples lives catapult (gently!) in the most beautiful directions, it is this. If I had to put it into words, people remember who they are, viscerally and otherwise, as celestial beings in human form, they allow their voices to be shared in whatever way is appropriate for them, and their lives seem to shift dramatically on the outside. But really and simply because they have done the internal work of connecting with themselves and finding healing and answers and ultimately a sense of Self that they had been searching for in the external. It honestly doesn’t even matter if people believe in the stars or their connections to them — I remember one person speaking of how she still doesn’t quite understand the starstuff aspect and yet in doing the Celestial Journey, she managed to heal her relationship with her mother in a way that she had not managed to do in twenty years of therapy. It sounds so ridiculous as a claim, and yet it’s just one of many. This Journey gets to the root of the root in a way that defies words or description, but brings profound healing and Joy!

That aside, this adventure really speaks for itself energetically. I hardly ever need to tell people that it’s happening and somehow the people who are supposed to do it always find it anyways. Because whether you know it consciously or not, the Stars and your own Soul are already speaking to you in real time…

So, if you are feeling the nudge, you most likely already know it or are intrigued enough to hit the button below and wonder what on earth this shebang is all about. Have a peek below at the specifics and see if it’s shouting at you. You will know it pretty quickly. 

Huge love to you. Know that mercury goes retrograde on 7-7 and whether or not you join me for the Celestial Journey, this next month is very much going to be about mining for gold internally, so get your journals out and set your timer for 7 minutes every morning. It will really behoove you during this eclipse season. 

So excited for the magic that is ahead for us,

PS: While this is ultimately a digital journey with me, the Emerald Waters level of the Journey has an actual ritual box that I personally curated, including something I made for you alchemically specifically for you to use during week 2, and it is incredibly precious and only available through this journey. I believe there are now only 6 spots left at the Emerald Waters level, and I highly suggest snagging one of the last spots!!!

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