Happy Full Moon Eclipse & Some Important Energetic Dates For You....

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Happy Full Moon Eclipse, my loves! 

You may be feeling it deeply. You may be in the midst of some major transitions. It’s all very normal and I promise you are not crazy. 

My step sister-in-law, who doesn’t know too much about the energy cycles of the Moon, asked me the other day whether it’s possible that the full moon would literally be effecting her 3 year old’s mood and sleep patterns. Apparently, the whole family and also one of her kindergarden teachers had noticed that she consistently doesn’t sleep when it’s the full moon and that her behavior is quite dramatically effected by it.

I love it when people who are not “in the know” with the energetics start noticing legitimate patterns, particuarly as it relates to kids, because for sure, at 3 years old, she is not perusing the internet and reading articles about how the full moon and eclipses are effecting us, and yet she is consistently showing up with case book patterns.

This is one of the ways that the kids today are re-educating us on what’s real. 

So know that you are not crazy, and have a little fun with the dates below and notice if they effect you in any way. It’s not only about things being disrupted - it’s also about beautiful beautiful new things beginning and taking root. 

A Few Important Dates Below For You 
To Watch For In Terms Of The Energetics:

Today, July 16th 2019: Full Moon & Eclipse.
It’s intense for some. Super delicious for others. Just be really gentle with yourself wherever you are on the spectrum.

July 7th 2019 - July 31st 2019: Merury Is Retrograde. 
We are in a pretty intense mercury retrgrade period that began on 7-7. I wrote about how to work with the energies of Mercury Retrograde so that you can co-create with it and not just duck for cover in chalkboard magazine here.

July 31st 2019: Merury goes direct again.
Mercury goes direct again until November — work the stuff now and you won’t have to revisit it again and again in November. And remember, none of this is a punishment. It’s simply offering opportunities to lift the rug and clean under the carpet.

August 1st 2019: New Moon. 
It’s kinda beautiful that we are going straight from Mercury Retrograde completion on July 31st into a New Moon on August 1st. Really take this time now to clear up loose ends, revisit any work or things that need to be tended to, do the internal explorations, be super gentle with yourself, and then watch how August’s New Moon brings you much deliciousness.

And I’ve been getting a lot of requests for private sessions recently. At this point, I am only doing private sessions or mentorships with people who have completed or are doing the The Celestial Journey. It just does so much of the work for you, plus you’ll get access to me in the private facebook group right now. 

If you’ve been toying with the idea of joining us, the gates close tonight at midnight for this year’s journey. I try not to shout too loudly about it and trust that you’ll find your way to it when it’s right for you. But honestly, if there is any part of you right now that is aching for a litlte bit more magic and beauty and deliciousess in your life, please hear me when I say, The Celestial Journey is an exponential ticket to all of the above. 

As we work more with the energies that are flowing through and inviting us to really look inside and get more authentic (that’s what all these moons and retrogrades are about) having the tools and an actual container to work with the energies at large is a profound gift and leads to some very profound magic in the external realms. 

It’s particularly potent because we have our first guided ritual and meditation jourmey tonight, aligned perfectly with the Full Moon and the Eclipse. It’s magic and it answers so many of the questions that I receive on repeat. This is literally my way of helping you remember everything that I do in sessions, so you don’t have to come to me individually, and it’s why I no longer do long distance sessions with people who have not completed it!

So, if you’ve been wanting to work with me privately, this is the ticket.

With love and gentleness for those who feel the Full Moons most strongly and gratitude for the babes who are reminding us of what we always knew,

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PS: Celestial Journeyers, you will find your first guided ritual and audio meditation is now available in the Celestial Journey Portal for you ready for tonight!

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