Hello June. Hello New Moon. Hello New Chapters For Many. (Writing Prompts Included.)


Hi beauties,

June is here, a New Moon today, and with it, a lot of re-arranging. Can you feel it? What “was” and what looked it would be for a long time to come might be shifting rather dramatically right now. If it is, just know in your heart that all is unfolding for you and for you greatest deliciousness. It’s so strange to our brains and to the little ones that live inside our Souls and our psyches, who love and yearn for comfort and stability, to really be able to see that this unpicking of sorts is actually opening new pathways, neural and otherwise, and that pretty much everything that is happening to us right now is happening because we have decided that we want to live freely and authentically and in a way that nourishes our Soul.

This so often comes at odds with the way society is set up for security and perceived longevity, but it’s very much the truth of this moment. And there’s no avoiding it at this point. Your Soul is doing the work on the inside and the things that we are experiencing and witnessing on the outside are in many ways the result of this courageous and brave transmutation of old ideas of what it means to be a happy and successful human in the world.

Take a Breath.

Allow it to unfold.

Ponder for a moment what your Soul might be nudging you towards right now. It will be so different for every person. But authenticity is the unifying thread. There’s really no point at this point in trying to do what was done in the past if it no longer brings you Joy. It won’t work. So, take a few moments, take some breaths, go for a serendipity stroll, get out our journal, remind your little one that they are very safe, and get ready to ask what adventure you wish to be embarking on in the next few months.

Adventure does not mean you have to hop to another continent — though many of us do seem to be doing that in this moment! The adventure may even be a very internal one, it may mean drawing back somewhat from normal activities so that you may activate the magic that is forming inside, or it may mean rolling the proverbial windows down, letting your hair down and going for the ride of your life. 

Only you know.
But trust that you really do.
Let it speak to you.

You’ll recognize that Voice inside that knows, because it will speak to you so Kindly and with such unadulterated love and gentleness. If there’s criticism there, it’s not the Voice of which we speak.

Get out your pen today and write the words below.

And if you’ve never done a guided writing prompt experience with me, all you have to do is write out the words below and then let your pen continue the thought. First Thought Best Thought: Meaning doing try and judge or anticipate. Just let your Soul speak to you. It will. And I predict it will be both surprising and potentially exhilarating.


As I embark on this new chapter of my life, I feel….

My intention is….

I hope that….

Thank you for….

Let it be known that….

Please be aware….

It’s time to tell someone...

Anything else I’d like to share….


You Are Complete.

Sending huge hugs through the ethers,

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PPS: Pic above from the last night on retreat on the South of France last week. I have much to share from my experiences from that gorgeous week. But for now I will say this: slowing down and “achieving” nothing is absolutely essential for our Souls. Contentment does not lie.

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