Get This You Are Golden Training For $7 (Now Through Tomorrow Only!!)

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Hi beautiful ones,

We have received several unsolicited messages and even some voice memos in our dms from You Are Golden alums this week sharing some miraculous financial stories: bonds appearing from nowhere and class action lawsuits settling with big buckos the first week of the course. Honestly, for those who can talk about their wins without legal issues, please shout about it from the rooftops because when I share even snippets of the stories, they sound like they are coming from a biased source :) But thank you for trusting us with your wins and your stories. I am cheering from the sidelines. 

There’s also bigger reason to share the magic and the wins of this course - because while it’s obviously beautiful to see that you guys are seeing material prosperity as a result, the deeper Joy is in the wider reminder you are gifting all of us that happens when we see may people having positive results in tandem. We get to remember that our own inner work is a major factor in the equation of the transformation so many of us seek in our lives, and that is such an exciting shift to make in the bigger picture. It’s liberating to realize and see the proof again and again and again. This is what I am so committed to sharing on a deeper level. That doing the internal work shifts the external landscape. This is so much bigger and long-lasting than the ten minute high that comes from receiving a check for $10,000!

We’ve also had an interesting number of you guys reaching out with questions about You Are Golden, wanting to dip your toe, but not feeling quite ready to commit. I can’t respond to these questions personally, but I do have the next best thing for you!! Our first Kick-off video from You Are Golden is now available as a stand alone intro training to help align your energy, give you a mini taste of the energy of You Are Golden. 


Because we’ve heard again and again from people who have done the full Journey that the kick off video training was so powerful that it shifted things for them all on its own, so we are sharing it stand alone. It’s also a gorgeous and crazy low risk way of getting a little flavor of the work with me — it’s vibrational, and while it’s about prosperity and money, it’s actually about something deeper inside you, so whether or not you are looking to add some digits to your bank account or just want to raise your vibration, it feels amazing afterwards.

This weekend was a new moon, and a perfect time to set intentions. But ultimately, intentions work because they align us to the steps for inspired action. This is the inspired action. So, what are the important deets of this email that I’m screaming from the rooftops: 

The Kick Off You Are Golden Prosperity training is now available in the Academy and for the next 24 Hours to celebrate that fact, we’re giving you a coupon for 85% off, so you can receive it for $7.

Your coupon code is: GOLDENBABY111

This code is available for 24 hours and will expire,
Tuesday May 7th, at 11:59 pm.

Click Here For Your Kick Off You Are Golden Prosperity Training

Coupon code: GOLDENBABY111

*** This coupon code expires Tuesday at 11.59PM.

I know many of you have been teetering on the edge of committing to this work, so I am thrilled for you to get to experience a gorgeous taste of it. The magic is legit and I can’t wait for you to receive it. Together we are reminding the world and ourselves what is possible. That’s pretty magical. And of course, if you are a You Are Golden alum, feel free to share this with your besties.

Huge love,

PS: Is anyone surprised that walking by the window of Waterstones in London yesterday, there was an entire front window filled with $100 bills??? #wearegolden

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