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If you live in the US, you likely did your taxes this week. A day of collective shudder for so many. It’s like a collective groan. If ever there was a day to see the ways old thinking in action might live in our consciousness, it’s taxes. And if you have done You Are Golden, you also know that that’s missing the opportunity and a very tangible gift. If you felt sick during the experience of doing your taxes, if your belly gurgled, if you found yourself eating more, smoking more, drinking more, social media’ing more, or any other avoidance tactic, read this.  Because here’s the thing - you’re allowed to avoid up the wazoo, you are allowed to eat up the wazoo, no judgment, but do you want to do it from a place of compulsion or from a place of celebration? If it’s from a place of compulsion, it’s simply because you haven’t remembered the truth about how finance works. Have a giggle. Take a breath, because If you just hold your breath and try and get through it, you miss the gift of transformation that is being offered to you on a plate. And even if you got through it this year, there’s always next year and the year after and the year after…

Read on and I’ll show you how to shift the narrative and experience. 

I’m going to share a little about my personal experience doing taxes this week — because this is where pretty much everything I teach comes from…my own personal experience. For the past two years consecutively, I have written five figure checks to the US government. Yup. Writing checks after receiving money is a little different of an experience from receiving a pay check where tax has been withheld. It’s an even deeper opportunity to walk your walk. Why? Because in our human brains, we see money coming in and as much as we know that only a percentage of it is to be kept, we also know exactly how and where we worked for each and every penny.  It doesn’t matter how much you tell yourself that a certain part of it isn’t yours, you literally see it land in your bank account, and when you stop and think about the number of individual sessions it takes to pay five figures in tax, it’s not a small number. But that’s the small brain thinking. The vaster consciousness knows something very different — none of these specifics mean anything. Not a thing. Energy is vaster than specifics. 

If you have done You Are Golden, you know that a big part of our work together, a big part of the magic is the process of simply spending time with the numbers, developing a relationship with them, getting clarity. Not judgment; Clarity. I will repeat as I do through YAG - it’s not the specifics that matter; it’s your willingness and ability to sit with them and get to know them. It creates an alchemic equation that I have witnessed a thousand times over, where space gets made and money flows in. You release energetic blocks in the realms of finance simply by spending time with the numbers that exist in your realms - it literally does not matter if those numbers are in the positive or the negative; your willingness to connect with them is what creates the transformation and rewires your brain. Fear and avoidance turns to a calm inner confidence, often times even before the proof shows itself. 

As you deepen your relationship with the Universe and shift the ancestral beliefs and fears as relating to finance, tax season becomes less scary. It becomes a piece of a much larger pie - one that you have access to energetically, vibrationally and otherwise. And the more you believe it, the more you see it in real time. Regardless of who you are and what you are “offering” in the world. 

But brain rewiring aside, there is another beautiful gift and opportunity around taxes and tax time, one that doesn’t get spoken about very often: the concept of Life Review. 

As some of you know, before creating 10Q a decade ago, I was obsessed with the notion of Ethical Wills and the importance of Life Reviews for people in hospice. There is tangible calm and a lifting of depression that comes with a life review - an ability to look back at the stages and stories of our lives and revisit them. It has nothing to do whether the stories are positive or negative. It heals our psyches and our spirit to go over them and to have them witnessed in some way - usually to another person. At the core of everything, we all simply want to be witnessed. 

So, a funny and beautiful thing happens when you go over your income and expenses for the past fiscal year - you revisit moments in a past and very specific period of your life and that allows you to process emotions that may have been lingering. When I was going through my finances last week, looking again at every single penny that I spent in 2018, month by month and day by day, I got to review the entirety of many chapters of my life. The celestial journeys I led, the creation of You Are Golden, the many trips and adventures I went on with besties and loved ones, and the totality of an entire relationship. So many memories, so many moments, so many feelings came up. And then of course much processing in dream-time, and energetically and vibrationally closing a chapter in my own consciousness. Taxes in a way are a kin to a little visit to the akashic records of our own lives. They allow us to lay to bed thoughts or feelings that had been floating in our consciousness unprocessed. A feeling of chapters truly closed; not hanging open waiting to be revisited. Processed, looked at from a different vantage point and ultimately relief. Thus, doing your taxes becomes akin to a shamanic soul retrieval of sorts. Often times, particularly those of us who are spiritually minded will often times seek out healer after healer to help put old memories and experiences to bed, but I have found more and more as I have ventured on my own journey these past several years that the spiritual and the practical are deeply aligned and where the magic happens. If you haven’t done your taxes yet, or if you have done them but found it was a depressing or even dreary experience, see if you can commit that next year or next time, that you will see this and engage with this as ceremony and a ritual of sorts. Allow yourself to honor the different choices and moments, without categorizing them as a good or bad — honor the little one inside, who without question, did the best that they could with all the resources and experience that they had. 

And if you’re really up for the challenge, see if you can see it as a way to shift the way you engage with money and finance. See if you can see the ways that old karmic beliefs and ancestral beliefs about lack or loss are coloring the way you see the world and the financial realms that you live in. Get curious. Ask yourself where your blind spots are. Because ultimately, what we’re all going for is Freedom - freedom from old ways of thinking and engaging, many of which are inherited from our lineage and our society, that come from a place of fear and lack. When we get it - when we see the beliefs and fears for what they are, when we are willing to engage with the numbers however they show up, we get to have a good chuckle (some times after a few tears!) and we tangibly release old energetic blocks, and then numbers start to flow in. But we don’t attach to them. We understand that there is a largest supply and that we are teaching ourselves to trust and receive and trust and receive…I have lived like this for the past four years consciously and have always been taken care of. Always. I get tested often — hello unexpected legal fees of $20k at the end of 2018. But that’s good - because it shows you, I walk the walk. I teach and share from visceral experience. Not from a guru seat in the stars. And that’s why these tools are so transferable - because they are real and continued to be used and proven over and over again in the laboratory of my own human life experience. 

So, join me in cheering to big tax checks (in both directions) and remember that every large expense you have up levels your own consciousness and creates space for more. Much more. If someone gave you five chocolate bars and told you that if you handed over four with a sense of joy, that you would then receive another 40, would you care about giving over 4? You only care if you believe that those 4 are all you will ever receive. Or that you’ll have to work your bottom off to receive another four (one of my old beliefs) but when you trust and then see over and over again that 40 are waiting to flow in, you relax, you rejoice, and you create space for that to be. This is how energy and frequency work. You are being asked, over and over, to find the places inside that doesn’t believe it and to give them a glorious little hug. This is how it shifts. 

Don’t trust the naysayers. A bird in the hand is not worth two in the bush. It’s a lie. Be brave enough to test it. And see the results. I speak from repeated and proven experience. And if you would like to join me in these realms or need my support in recreating your fiscal reality, YOU ARE GOLDEN is your new bestie…the proof is in the pudding, and there are a lot Goldies eating a lot of delicious cake right now. Instant Access is available below.  Come join me in celebrating this Tax Season as your greatest dream alchemy ceremony there ever was!



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