Hello Equinox! Hello Full Moon Super Moon! (You might be feeling it)

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This picture was taken on Sunday, just a couple of minutes from my house in Ojai. It’s beautiful, and it’s pretty poetic to have spontaneously ended up in the greenest of fields on St. Patricks day post moving sale madness. But it’s also remarkable for another reason. Because when I first arrived in Ojai three and a half years ago, we were already in a major drought in CA, and there was no water here. None. Nothing. And then the drought got worse and worse and worse, and then the fires came to these very mountains just over a year ago, and on paper it looked like this valley was in very serious trouble. 

But if we know anything about the bigger picture, Mother Nature doesn’t really do “on paper.”

In fact, as the horticulturalist that I went owl-spotting with on the river bottom just six weeks before the 2017 fires shared with me, the land in Ojai was overdue for a fire. It needed it. It needed to release and burn up the old and seed the new with much magic and life force.

For what the peeps “in the know” know about fire is that it renews the land with a major fever. It brings beauty and possibility, the like the land hasn’t seen in years, and it brings it fast. 

So while for humans who have built on this land, there is obvious trauma and distress, the land doesn’t feel that way. And it should be a major lesson to us all — when we are going through the fires, when it feels like all is being destroyed, we are actually being gifted a deeper gift — the gift of profound possibly and renewal. 


In the last few months in Ojai we have had epic rains. Biblical rains. Weeks where it rained literally every single day; torrentially and consistently. 

And the above pic is the result. Lush green hills and waters running in a river bottom now that for many years was solely a river bottom by name. There was never a stream here in the four years I have been walking here. There was never lushousness and a feeling of Avalon and Ireland combined. There was just dryness and a feeling that dinosaurs probably once roamed this land.

But now there are streams and green for as far as the eye can see.

And this week, courtesy of the news, we hear that for the first time in seven years, CA is no longer officially in a drought. 

This is mind boggling. 

And a reminder that things change very swiftly in the realms of the big picture. That while there will be peeps in Ojai who will say “oooh, don’t get too excited, there’s still lake casitas to worry about.” Let’s take a moment and remember the bigger picture that is being presented to us. 

Things can move very swiftly in the ethers. They can move very quickly in the realms of nature. And they can move very quickly when we allow them to in our own lives. When you work with the elements of earth and wind and water and fire and gently incorporate them into your realms, when you strip away all that is no longer fertile, when you release that which has become stagnant, magic has space to flow in in a way that is simply couldn’t previously. 

And once we strip away the old, we create space for the new and then what do you know? Green hills and mountains and beautiful healing streams show up in a matter of weeks. This is everything I have witnessed to be true in my own life again and again and again.

The superbloom that is taking place all over CA right now is reflective of the superbloom that is happening in our own Hearts. Even when it doesn’t look like that on paper. Especially when it doesn’t look like that on paper. That’s when we harness the energy even more deeply. That’s when the leaps and the potential for the leaps are at their greatest. Learn how to harness that energy. Stay gentle with yourself in the process. And this is the Alchemist’s Life right here. This is the philosopher’s stone that lives in your own heart.

So, join me, in a little prayer of gratitude and yesness, not just for the greenery but for the reminder of how existence works. 

And if you want to ignite your own inner Alchemist, tonight or tomorrow would be a beautiful time to work with the element of fire and the energy of the full moon. You can use the gorgeous guided shamanic ritual for release that’s already available in the Academy. 

You’ll need an hour or so to listen and compete it and it’s the basic shamanic tool for releasing and shifting old stagnant energy or old contracts that are ready to be released. 

More details below.
Enjoy enjoy enjoy. 

Happy Equinox.
Happy Super Moon Full Moon.


Guided “SuperMoon” Ritual for Release

You will need a candle and at least two matches and please give yourself an hour window for the full experience.

The transmission and training in this video is perfect for the “lazy shaman” in us all. When we just want to get the gold without too much effort. You can enjoy it at any point that you are needing to shift some energy and it is both simple and powerful and nourishing. It’s one of the first fundamental teachings Shamans teach you on the Journey to Alchemist and can be used at any given moment.


7 FOR 7:

Join me April 1st.
7 consecutive days.
First thing in the morning.
(or whenever you choose to do it.)
From wherever you are…

Together, in our robes, in the 7OM portal, we will ground, we will meditate, we will receive the gifts from each star, and then we’ll close with a little journal prompt. All in under 20 minutes a day. I’m so excited to take this Journey together.

Very peaceful and grounded magic awaits.

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PS: And yes, those are the painted lady butterflies captured in the picture above that have been making their way up the CA coast in their millions thanks to the rains and superblooms. We are in very fertile ground, peeps. Anyone who thinks otherwise has their nose too firmly pointed towards the ground. Look up. There is a bigger picture at play. 

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