Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig. Guess What It Brings?


Yup. You nailed it. Prosperity, Good Fortune and Luck.

Every year the Chinese lunar calendar rotates a different animal for the entire year. There are twelve different animals and this is the first time since 2007 that we have been in the year of the pig, which represents….Luck, Good Fortune and Abundance.

Is it accidental that we are just starting You Are Golden during this prosperous transition? Is it accidental that in the final Wednesday Wisdom I took you on a guided journey to meet the Golden fortune teller of the forest? Consciously, yes - total, beautiful serendipity. Energetically, not even remotely accidental.

Take a moment to look at the past few days. Notice whether there have been some major major transitions, completions or openings in your realms? In the last twenty four hours alone, I have “randomly” heard from friends and mentorship clients reaching out to let me know they have completed several weeks of cancer treatments and left the hospital today, others have sold vehicles this weekend that represented an entire chapter of parenthood completed — the end of the need for the minivan and all that the completion of that chapter brought. Some have seen people moving out of their homes at the end of dramatic sagas, and others have been Kon Mari’ing the proverbial you know what out of their homes and clearing space and cleansing cleansing cleansing without even understanding why this weekend called so dramatically for it.

And one friend and creative mentorship client cleared out her house completely, rented it out and stepped onto a plane last night for the beginning of a six months adventure in Australia. All without consciously realizing the date for this massive shift and adventure. Not to mention the two lovebirds who came to stay at the Ojai Valley Inn yesterday to meet with me for our first planning meeting to create the ceremony for their upcoming wedding at the new Farmhouse at the Ojai Valley Inn that I will be officiating in November. I have never done a creative planning session so far in advance for a couple, but they were ready to get going, and of course the timing is perfection.

This is why — our Souls follow the rhythms of the lunar calendar, even if we don’t understand it consciously. And our Souls know that we have to create space to make way for the new. It is one of the simplest and foundational laws of the Universe. Take the step and the next will appear. Even if you don’t know what’s next. Especially if you don’t know what’s next. It’s harrowing for our humanness, but it is the only way to the true majesty of what we came here to experience and receive. And you are the only one who can choose to do it.

And do choose. Because truthfully, your Soul has already chosen, and if you block your inner knowing and stay in stagnation out of fear, as you have probably witnessed previously in your lives and other peoples lives, the Universe (that is you) will knock you in that direction anyways. And I speak from experience when I say it’s always nicer to choose rather than be shoved.

What does this all mean?

You already know what it means. You already know whatever the steps or the leaps are. For now, take a breath, be gentle with yourself and trust that you got what it takes. Cos you do. The earth shifted last night. And so did you.

Do with that as you may.

And watch with wonder as the things and places and situations in your life open in new ways starting today. It might not be the most comfortable. Again I speak from experience. But the winks and the serendipities will keep you on track. Remembering that we are entering the year of the pig, that good fortune is pepper’s gift to us all, and whatever is happening to you in this very moment is happening FOR you and not simply to you.

If you’re on the You Are Golden journey already, look for so many of the new serendipities today - the numbers 13 & 33, references to Clear Vision and perhaps a new pair of glasses, anything relating to Mary Magdalene, Water, and Rainbows.

Holy Mother the Rainbows.

And if you have You Are Golden FOMO — we have received several panicked emails — then know that we got your back and you can absolutely still join in on the fun. The gates are open. We are doing things differently. No scare tactics and closing doors to provoke a sense of scarcity and panic. We’re not playing that game anymore. It’s only about tuning and deciphering if this is the right time for you to receive this deliciousness. Are you ready to receive the gifts that the Universe is sharing? I’ll look forward to seeing you in the portal if so!

Prosperity for All,


PS: Don’t believe me that this is the year of the pig bringing us good fortune and luck? Even the Daily Express tabloid in London is singing it loud and proud today: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1082274/chinese-new-year-2019-animals-year-of-the-pig-Chinese-zodiac

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