Super Simple Training For Release For The Lazy Shaman In Us All...

Earlier this week, Carly, our amazing new chief of logistics, and I were chatting about Tuesday’s Super Moon Full Moon. We knew it was going to be powerful and also a super potent energy of release and shift that people would want to work with. So we peeked through our library of offerings to see if there was something that we could share with you to support the energy, but nothing spoke to us; not any of the guided journeys, not the full moon eclipse transmission, nor any of the manifestation rituals or journeys.

And because Authenticity is one of our guiding lights, we decided not to send an email out offering anything. We could certainly have sent a link to the library and told you to tune in for yourselves, but neither of us felt inspired in our hearts to do that, and we discussed how important it is to trust our enthusiasm or lack off and so we let it pass by.

Why am I sharing this?

Because last night, I couldn’t sleep. I’m flying to NYC as we speak for a couple of super exciting things (!!) and so I put it down to pre-travel excitement and also the energy of the Full Moon —
our melatonin levels literally drop during the full moon.

Anyways, for some reason, as I lay awake, I felt compelled and enthused to take a peek at the various videos of live rituals and journeys that I have offered in the temple of illumination over the past two years. And I clicked on several videos to get a mini flavor and noted the various haircuts and energy levels of the various videos and cross referenced with what was going on in my outer realms etc.

And then as I scrolled further and further back, I came to the first ever live Digital Guided Ritual I led. It was outside in my garden at night at my cottage in Ojai, and during it I taught a beautiful and powerful shamanic ritual for release using nothing more than a candle and a match. It’s literally one of the first alchemic rituals that you get taught to help people shift energy super simply and exquisitely. As I started watching the video, I was so taken by the star songs that came through me in real time that I found myself watching the entire video. I’m honestly not sure what was happening that night but the songs are possibly the most beautiful ones I’ve ever heard come through me….perhaps because it was outside, perhaps because I was sitting under a full moon supermoon, who knows? But they were sublime. And I was somewhat awed to witness and receive them myself!

I completed watching the video feeling the clearing of energy that it brought, even just laying in my bed, and then decided quickly to get out of bed, put on my super warm star onesie (true story) and go out into the very same garden with my matchbox so that I could actually complete the ritual myself under the light of the moon.

And then I gasped because a) I made the connection that the video was recorded in honor of a SuperMoon, and here I was standing under a Supermoon full moon again. And b) because there was the most exquisite circular ring of clouds around the moon. It wasn’t a reflection from the light of the moon; it was an actual circle of clouds in the sky that had convened in such a way that it looked like the most beautiful
all-seeing eye.

I completed the ritual - it only took a couple of minutes (such is the truth of these powerful experiences when they are truly aligned) and I felt the deep wave of gratitude that I often recognize when I can feel the Beauty of divine timing at play. I released some very specific connections to an old relationship, invited in the new, and literally felt the energy release in the magical ways that it comes through me :)

And then I fell into the most beautiful and delicious sleep imaginable, with the gorgeous knowing that something profound had just shifted. I have been immersed in this work for years at this point, so I recognize the extra potent moments. Tuesday night was one of them.

So, now just 48 hours after finding no inspired reason or desire to share any of our offerings or magic with you, I am here answering the call and sharing. This ritual is profound. It is simple. And it works. Powerfully. And it was initiated for the community Tuesday night as I engaged in it personally.

So if you are feeling the desire or the calling to release anything over the next few weeks, or if you just want to soak up the gorgeousness of the music and the songs that come through me in this transmission, I invite you to join me in receiving this gorgeousness. The video is 45 minutes long. You will need a candle and a match, and I am so insanely proud of the timelessness and the beauty of this specific offering. you can literally enjoy it at any point.

And finally, I love that this ritual originally kicked off the temple of illumination pirate facebook group, and now here we are again, serendipitously opening the doors to our new 7OM Academy, that we will tell you about in more detail at a later date.

For now, enjoy enjoy enjoy.

And remember, you can use this gorgeous mini ritual any time you are needing to shift some energy. It is simple. It is quick. And it is profoundly powerful.

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