This little fish sticker brought me a quarter of a million dollars…


I just looked at the clock and it’s 2.20. This is important. The numbers 22 and 222 have been super important over the passed few years. As has the number 4711. Hugely so. It has literally guided me to places and people and moments in my life that have been life changing, choice-affirming and pure magic.

Noticing these little moments of magic have been the deepest and one of the most important part of my journey on this planet.

As you are likely aware, I beat to a slightly different drum from many. I notice the little moments of magic on a daily basis. I will get soaked in a thunder storm (yesterday) to take pictures of license plates and capture a video of an elderly couple walking arm in arm under their umbrella…I will text besties when the advance tickets sales of our upcoming off broadway show are kabalistically speaking to great blessings and success. I’ll notice the rabbit earrings on the cashier moments after seeing a license plate with the words Jack Rabbit, (this morning) and I’ll look up the shamanic/ spiritual meaning of rabbits. (Fertility. Goodness. Prosperity. Future Blessings) And I’ll take a wand of bubbles to a dream alchemy ceremony in Sausalito and make everyone blow bubbles at the beginning, and only to be “serendipitously” whisked to an art gallery on the recommendation from a Persian uber driver that ends up having the name BUBBLE GALERY.

This is my life. Every single day.

Through the tears of failed relationships, sick relatives, the deep and utter fear of existence that plagues as all in moments, anguish at the plight of many people on this planet, one thing never ends nor waivers - my ability to spot and witness serendipity and magical little winks from the universe.

And they literally guide me.

I can feel — literally a frequency gets lit up in my heart — what to do and where to go without even consciously understanding why…

Remember the story I told last year about the coriander and the cancer patient? I had no idea where I was going or why. Until I got there. And it became clear to us all. There is a force that is greater than our conscious awareness, and it is an exquisite thing when we allow ourselves to surrender into it.

When we tune into it — actually tune into, vibration and frequency start to guide us. Some call it intuition. But it will literally take hold of you and your life and it will guide to the greatest opportunities and moments of your life. It’s not only available to a few lucky people. It is here patiently waiting for you to remember. And from, there…

Well for me, from there, it meant deeply surrendered choices…it meant leaving things behind before I knew what was next…it meant fearing looking like a crazy person in the realms of every day society…it meant taking a job at the farmers market earning $12 an hour just a year after having left a company that I had started from my kitchen and had garnered 5 successful farmers market stalls, an invitation to Oprah, and a listing as one of Zagat’s top 10 food companies in LA…

It meant trusting the true and authentic stirrings of my heart even when I didn’t understand them…

It means getting fired from the $12 farmers market job (on 11.11. True story) and trusting that it was because I was truly on my way…it means looking on in wonder as my offerings generated a quarter of a million dollars in the two years and two months after that very day. (22.)

It’s still bizarre to say those words.

A Quarter Of A Million Dollars.

And as I write it, I’m still aware of the potential phone calls I might get from loving family members telling me it’s unwise and unsophisticated and egotistical to share about specific numbers in business success. And still here I am sharing this information with you. As a spiritual person who isn’t generally supposed to talk about money, and definitely not supposed to receive large amounts of money doing something “spiritual.” Ding ding ding. Say our internal fears. Snake oil salesman in the house. And still I am sharing.

Because a huge part of healing our relationship with money is taking it out of the shadows and healing any shame around having money or not having money. The parts of your brain and my brain that says “don’t tell people you have money, it will be taken away from you or they will hate you…or it will get complicated…or everyone will expect you pay for everything…” or suchlike are just brain protection mechanisms coming from our egos to keep us safe. But it doesn’t keep us safe. It keeps us in a murky relationships with money as a community and it prevents us from realizing the greater truth about the frequency of money and how it flows.

Let me repeat something I have been sharing for a while: Money has nothing to with money. I didn’t not “make” a quarter of a million dollars from my offerings. On paper, it looks like I did. But I didn’t. Energetically, it’s simply not how this works.

I noticed the magic. Constantly. Every. Single. Day. Even when there wasn’t a penny in my bank account. (The other shame that we deal with.) I noticed the magic and I learned that what was actually happening was that my heart was opening and taking root as the primary chooser of my life and my decisions. From here, I was able to see the signs (and continue to do so) and insanely magical things and coincidences and “opportunities” showed up in my life, all while doing the work of clearing old beliefs and inherited family financial karma.

It’s true, deep, magical alignment. And when I try and muscle it - it does not work. Even now. Hello failed retreat last year. But when I let go, and go back to seeing hearts on street corners, and magical license plates and the way that the clouds hit the sky, I hit what many call the zone of genius.

When I notice that three bellmen on my birthday holiday trip in two different cities are all called Andrew - my brother’s name, I tune into the magic. When I gasp at the serendipity and share it with him and his family and they think I am nuts, I still tune into the magic. Because honestly, isn’t it more fun to notice the names of amazing bell men in lovely hotels than sit in an office all day doing a job you hate simply to bring in “Money.”

If you’d ask me if noticing those three Andrews on my birthday, and also noticing the kid’s sticker in the picture above of the little fish that just turned up outside my front door the day that Barnaby Bubbles announced the doors you YOU ARE GOLDEN opening are connected to me seeing a quarter of a million dollars showing up in my life, I will tell you 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, those two things were more important than any email that may get written to any mailing list, or even any logistical step that your thinking mind thinks it needs to take to “make something happen.”

Because it is never about the steps.

It’s about the frequency.

It’s about a Way of Being.

And it connects you to something much larger than your own brain.

Don’t be pissy about that.

It’s available to all. And it doesn’t mean you have to be happy or hopeful all the time. Just ask my mum. I am historically one of the most anxious people I’ve ever met. It doesn’t matter. The magic still happens. Because it’s a deeper vibrational connection to the wonder of existence. And I live it and breath it.

And I am insanely proud to say…

That this vibrational reality is what happens to people when they experience and take my courses. If you’ve experienced the celestial journey, you know this already. And I am also super proud that in my “work” asides from my super important responsibilities of sticker spotting and license plate spotting, I also get to help people reconnect to this power and this force for themselves and watch the miracles takes flight in their own realms.

This is You Are Golden.

This is why this course will likely be different from anything you’ve experienced before. It’s why your homework will include noticing the numbers speaking to you in real time. And it’s why and how you’ll put down the baggage of other peoples outdated opinions about money and what it means.

And my intention is that it will be insanely fun and miraculous at the same time.

And then…like several alums will tell you (hello again Stephanie W.) you’ll have actual tangible results show up in the business world. But it will be because you reconnected to something that you’ve always known but you’re just waiting for someone to give you permission.

You. Have. Permission.

And this integration and magic and logistics is what the world is asking for right now. It’s not a split between magical people and business people. It’s not a split between the spiritual and the tangible. It’s an integration that is being asked of us. And I feel super grateful to do this work and walk this world as someone who is engaging in both arenas.

And my hope is that it is and will be the same for you.

Every. Single. Day.

Instant Access to You Are Golden is available now.

I’ll be popping into the private facebook 7OM Academy group for a facebook live on February 17th, 2019, to answer any questions you have about your experiences with this Journey.

And the signs to look for this week if you want to play along with the magic:

Goldfish (duh.)
The number 13.
The number 33.
The numbers 888.
Camila Cabello.
222, duh again.
License plates with my name on it (!!!)
Yup. It has happened three times in the past few weeks to people in the States and Australia apparently! I promise you, you are not playing this game of life alone. And neither am I. We remind each of this daily. And then the magic takes flight.

Anything else? Let me know :)

Love Nicola...

PS: As I am writing this, I am sitting across from a table from a sweet lady who is drinking the same smoothie as me at exactly the same time. And we just got eye contact and I winked at her and we giggled at the symmetry. I took my ear-phones out (Camila Cabello is currently playing on repeat) And I called out to her, “It’s so funny, it’s like we are a mirror right now. What’s your name?” And laughed and said, "You just said it when you said a mirror. My name is Ameera.” #magiciseverywhere

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