I want to tell you a crazy magical story about my friend Pearl...


I want to share a magical little personal memory with you.

A few days before You Are Golden launched for the first time last year, I got the impulse to reach out and offer to gift a scholarship to an amazing artist I knew in Ojai. We’ll call her Pearl because she really is a Pearl. Now, I generally trust these impulses, particularly when they repeat in my brain, but while I loved this person, I didn’t know her super, super well and it felt a little presumptuous to contact her out of the blue about such a potentially sticky topic as finance. I felt pretty tender sending her the text about it and almost didn’t. But I felt a final internal nudge, dropped her a text, and then I saw that I had texted her at 11.11 and I knew…this is heaven sent.

At that point in time, Pearl was working for an hourly wage in the local supermarket and she was ready not to be, but financially on paper she didn’t have choice. She received the scholarship for You Are Golden with a full heart and she quietly dove straight in. In fact she was all in. I would say if I had to think of THE person who really committed to doing the work the most, it was Pearl. She could feel it in her heart. It was time.

I have heard frequent updates from her during the past year, and it is almost mind boggling to hear the things that have transpired financially in her life since she took You Are Golden. We’re not talking one mini financial miracle, we are talking several examples of proud flow and sublime receptivity. I want to list them all but I want to protect her privacy so I shan’t. But I will say this - during You Are Golden, around the time of week 2 or 3 where we look at and clear ancestral inherited memories relating to money and struggle, she heard from a family member that she hadn’t spoken to nor heard from in four years…to let her know…that she had a bond for $10,000 from her childhood that he was transferring into her name. The timing, literally to the week of the family healing, is mesmerizing, but it’s not accidental nor is it surprising when you oversee this work again and again.

This is how it works. Right now, if you are human, there are most likely some inherited ancestral beliefs relating to safety and money and finance that are effecting the way you are living your life. Whether you have money or you don’t have money, they are effecting you. And often times, these beliefs, or frequencies as I prefer to refer to them as, will repeat and show up in families until someone is ready to shine a light on them and release them. The actual specific work isn’t that hard — Pearl will attest to this fact. But the willingness to be ready is the essential component.

The Sages say when we are ready the teacher appears.

I say when we are ready, then the best party involving Barnaby Bubble the third and Nicola Behrman show up to and invite you to join the magic. And as a gorgeous side effect, if you watch the videos and fill in the boxes with your own pen, financial shifts will start to show up in the external realms almost as if by magic.

If you’re feeling the call to join me, my intention and my promise to you is this — this journey and the journey to financial yumminess does not have to be heinous. It’s been heinous enough and complicated enough for many people for eons and lifetimes, whether you have had very little money or large amounts of it.

Only you know if this is the moment to shift the internal dynamic, but I am here to tell you, from my own heart and from witnessing the journeys of enough people to stand confidently behind my words: It is absolutely possible to develop a delicious and nourishing relationship with the financial realms, doing what you love in the world.

And it can be gentle and easy.

You Are Golden is this invitation and I would love to welcome you along for the ride.

We take flight in 48 hours.
Come join me and Barnaby B.

I’ll be showing up in real time for a couple of facebook lives if you would like to say hi. But in essence, you can do the entire course in your own time in your pajamas in the private members portal. No facebook membership necessary.

And then you can confidentially walk through the world with the internal knowing that you are well and truly Golden. Regardless of specifics. And then lo and beyond, the specifics shift.

Just like Pearl said they would.

Prosperity For All!

Nicola XO

PS: If you are already in, you just received a little housekeeping info email. Hurrah!

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