You Are Golden -- A Few Truths From The Universe


Hello, Hello!

A huge part of my work over the past few years has been reminding people of a few essential vibrational truths that shift our realms and this planet from the inside out.

And this is one of the Most Crucial Ones:

You came here, to this planet, to have fun.

You came here to explore and create and live

life in a way that feels authentic and delicious

and delectable to you.

And you came here to have access to financial

resources to support you in doing this.

Case closed.

Financial support is not simply for some lucky ones. It’s not only for those who choose safe jobs and deny their creative dreams. It is a vibrational experience that is your birthright. Yes, Yours.

And whether you currently have 5 million dollars in the bank, or five hundred, the Universe is wanting to support you and flow prosperity in your direction.

I have become somewhat of an expert in these realms, and I am grateful to be able to share and witness the magic unfold in peoples’ lives as a result of their experiences with You Are Golden and its vibrational teachings.

Because what this world needs (and we’ve all heard it before) but let’s really hear it now, what this world needs is a planet-wise series of inhabitants who are engaging in what lights them up from the inside while enjoying levels of financial prosperity and connection to the wider Universe that keeps them grounded and secure.

This is the paradigm shift that we came here to enjoy. And we are an important part of making the shift, internally and externally.

And Know This:
The way you relate to money is a direct reflection of the way you relate to yourself. So, if there’s any ickiness or stickiness or fear or guilt or shame, regardless of the numbers in the bank, it’s time to reclaim the frequency of prosperity.

It's totally doable.

Of that I am living proof.

So, come join me and a band of merry money makers on this 4 part digital series and clean up the internal landscape relating to money.

I’ve done this work. It’s works.

From $0 in the bank to a repeated 6 figure biz in less than ten months.

Gracefully and as if by magic.

But it's not actually magic.

It's what happens when we positively and intentionally mine our internal landscape.

And as uncouth as our society says it is to make statements about our businesses finances, we need to clear any shame in any direction when talking about money. It’s just a series of facts. It doesn’t mean what we have made it mean. Our relationship to money is what has made it clammy. And so long as we hold it in that space, we hold our consciousness in a space of constriction.

This is why I’m teaching it.

The You Are Golden Portal officially opens for class on February 2nd.

So…if you have been wanting to join me for the magic, now’s the time.

Prosperity For All!


Nicola XX

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