Release. Receive. Repeat: A Ritual For Letting Go

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A few weeks ago the head of a multi-millionaire dollar company reached out to me and shared that a month or so prior he had been blindsided by a professional experience, found himself suddenly at a major crossroads in his life, and that he wanted to thank me because at a pivotal moment in the whole experience, he had found and did my Release, Receive, Repeat Ritual and Guided Meditation Journey and was so grateful for the experience during a very difficult and confusing time.

Now, I knew this man. I had done a session for him many months earlier, but as lovely as it was to receive his email, it was also completely confounding to me. “Release, Receive, Repeat” certainly sounded like something I would offer (!!) but it’s not actually something that exists in our library and honestly, I had absolutely no idea what he was referring to. I asked Carly and Sebastien if they remembered us offering anything called Rinse, Release, Repeat, and they couldn’t either, so I then did what any of our 6 year old nieces and nephews would do and I googled the words:

Rinse, Release, Repeat + Nicola. 

And lo and beyond, an old, old article I did for The Girl Who Knows (hi Stephanie W!!) back in 2015 came up, and of course it all came flooding back to me. 

This gentleman had obviously just googled my name and had found that specific and perfectly aligned resource during a time of need. 

And the best part?

It was free. 

Completely and utterly free. 

And available to anyone in need.

At the end of his email, he said was writing to let me know that things had come full circle in the most beautiful way and that the blindsiding had actually created space for something even greater that had just landed in his lap. (Funny how that happens!) His crossroads was over. (For now :) And he was incredibly grateful to me for the support and the gift. 


AS we approach the first full moon and full eclipse of 2019 on Sunday, let this be his and my gift to you. The ritual and the guided journey that he found so helpful is actually perfectly timed for a full moon eclipse. It also just happens to be the first ritual and first mini journey from the Celestial Journey, but it’s not available anywhere else right now.

So if you haven’t done it before, or even if you have, take it as my gift. And invite yourself to remember what your Soul already knows: Energy and Frequency and the Inner Work is always the place to go when we are at a crossroads. Our brains and our egos struggle and yearn for answers, and for immediate action steps, but truly in those moments, we need to come back to ourselves, remember who we are and what we are connected to, and then as if by magic, things in the external world start to shift. 

I have lived this and breathed this in my own life a million times over and witnessed it again and again in our gorgeous community. Energy Before Matter. It’s the smart peoples’ greatest tool, and the more of us who learn it, the better it is for everyone. 

So, there you have it. A lovely full circle for us all (certainly for me and Stephanie W.!) Plus, an amazing reminder that heads of million dollar companies also have major fear and crossroads, and a simple free resource that helped them can also help you. 

Happy almost Eclipse, my loves.

This full moon eclipse is an absolute Beauty.

Energetically, I predict that some things that you have been waiting on to blossom and grow will make themselves known to you with this one.

Trust it.

And trust the inspired ideas that have made themselves known to you in the last two weeks or so — it was a very specific portal of inspired ideas coming down from the heavens between the new moon partial eclipse and this full moon complete eclipse.

If you were wondering if the ideas truly were inspired, the answer is a resounding YES!

Huge Love,


PS: And your friendly reminder that there are 3 days left for our early bird price for You Are Golden. We’ll remind you again before midnight on the 22nd, but if you ALWAYS leave things to the last second, let this be an opportunity to do something differently and sign up with plenty of time to spare. That is its own rewiring of the brain :)

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