7 Magical Superstars In The Temple Of Illumination


And the energy of it was beautiful. 

Different from year's past. 
It felt meaningful and supportive and
authentic in so many new ways. 

Thank you to all you Golden Beings.

And we got inspired and
want to continue the magic...

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 2.52.48 PM.png


We want to introduce you to a splattering of the amazing women we are so incredibly honored to  have in our sacred Temple space.  

We have seen again and again that when we come together in community with creative dreams and we support each other, we get to really show up and live the lives we dream of. 

Endlessly inspired by the individuals below who are living their dreams very much on their own terms. 

— Billy L.—

Creator, Theodore Hotel. 
Billy lives and makes magic in Toronto, and had
a dream to create a gorgeous and mindful
boutique hotel in Chania, Greece. 

It opened its doors just over a year ago and is,
without question, one of the most exquisitely
beautiful boutique hotels in the whole world. 

We are so proud to know her!


— Benedicte B. —

Benedicte hails from Paris originally, lives in
LA now, has the most incredible eye for
photography and beauty, and creates the
most magnificent jewelry there ever was. 

She's bonkersville humble and you will have to
chase her to commission a piece,
but they are stunning beyond. 


— Debra S. —

Debra is mystical and mythical, and a healing
presence in her own right. She understands the
importance of Beauty and spending time with
nature, and is the co-creator of Saavy Naturals,
the most delectable skin products online and
throughout the country in Whole Foods,
and now even a line for Walmart.

I use them every single day and
gift them as often as I can. 


— Heather R. —

Hailing from the States originally, Heather lives
in Provence, and is our resident French
Lady in the house. Her writing is utterly
intoxicating and invigorating, and will make you
laugh and cry at the same time. Every time
Heather posts in the temple, the threads go
on and on because everyone always has
something to say!!!

Her recent blog about stealing a kiss in
public made me laugh out loud. 


— Jennifer K. —

Jennifer is one of our most generous
cheerleaders in the community. She sees magic
everywhere and connects the dots on a regular
basis. She's also a creative director in LA and
has just launched her own gorgeous food blog
about deliciousness in the city. It is utterly brand
new, but you can feel the magic of it already,
particularly with the serendipities that she is
tracking in the Temple relating to it. 

We are insanely excited to follow its journey. 


— Willow R. —

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Willow literally
channels energy from the Cosmos through her
Art. She is magical and unique, a retired
champion cyclist, a wife and a mother,
and has one of the most unique and exciting
offerings I've come across — she will create
and read your astrological chart with your
partner and then create a piece of art
inspired cosmically by the connections
in both your charts. 

She also does them individually,
but I cannot think of a better wedding gift
than the marital combo!

Angels are literally singing right now!


— Julie G. —
Creator, Cosmic Cubes.

And finally, our very own Cosmic Cube
creating wonder, Julie G. hails from Santa
Barbara and spontaneously came up with an
idea for her Cosmic Cubes last summer
 and they are literally taking the whole
temple by storm!!!!

A Child Psychologist recently
wrote to Julie with an unsolicited testimonial
as to the cubes' magic working with children
in her practice who were previously "unreachable."
We all cried when we read it; it was so exquisite.
And we feel so proud  as a community to witness
the fun and joy and healing that this creation
has already garnered.

If you're not in the temple, we're gonna keep the
cubes hush hush for now, while Julie websites up
the wazoo, but these will be known all over the world,
without question, and you heard it here first. 

When you listen to your heart,
magic happens, guys. 

And we are here as a community to
cheerlead you all the way. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 2.52.48 PM.png

Like I said,
insane and endless inspiration. 

And don't think for a minute that none of these
beauties experienced resistance in the journey
to creation. But this is the power of magical
community. We walk each other home, remind
each other who we are, and from here, we soar. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 2.52.48 PM.png

Happy Post Women's Day!

You Magical Beings that are
lighting up this world!!

We thank you.
We love you.
We are you.

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