A Non Self-Love, Self-Love Reminder

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest


You Are Amazing.

That is the truth. 

There are a lot of articles going around today about Self-Love and the importance of it. But here’s the thing, they are starting to get a little old. Can you feel it? Because even rituals and meditations to enhance self love, have at their core, the belief that you have to do something different to shift yourself or fix yourself or to love yourself more or do something differently in this moment in order to be “better” or more whole.  

I don’t believe that. 

You don’t need to practice "self-love" because you are quite simply already amazing. Just as you are. In this very moment. Even if you don’t believe it. Even if you think that doing a meditation or a ritual or taking a sacred bath is gonna help you get there. It might. But it doesn’t need to. You are amazing. Right this second. Reading these words. You are amazing. We will say it a million times. Because you don’t need to try and make it be true. It simply is true.

All the articles in the world are just trying to gently nudge you into the remembrance of what is:

If you could only love yourself in this very moment the way that the Universe adores you. Holy mother of miracles. You would leap into that bathtub. You would dry brush that gorgeous skin of yours. You would marvel at the deliciousness of your own body. You would look into your own eyes and most likely shed a tear with the deliciousness of this moment and this life. And you would most certainly walk through the supermarket, the airport, the school run, the office, the coffeeshop with a secret feeling of yesness in your bones. 

If any part of you, on this valentines day, feels like you are in the wrong place or not doing it right, or that you are with the wrong partner, or wondering where the fuck your partner is, or feeling like you are less than in some way because of your current circumstance, let this moment be the reminder:

You are so insanely glorious, so insanely gorgeous, that the stars in the sky are literally placed there right now for your enjoyment.

Yes. You.

Don’t do self-love because there’s anything to fix. Do it because the whole Universe is screaming your name with wonder and delight, and for some unknown reason, you are the only person who is not quite aware of the magnitude of your own brilliance. 

It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t have to know it yet. But holy mother of mary, why on earth wouldn’t you?!? You are Incredible. Just as You Are. Right here. Right now. Yup. You are Incredible. And you are Free. 

We love you. Happy V day.

No self-love nor self-care needed.
Jut a moment of celebration of You. 

And so it is.


Take out your notebook and write the following words:

1. Holy Fuck. I am Amazing….

2. How did I not realize it before?!?

3. If I truly allowed this knowing to permeate my being, I may…..


And hilariously, even though we are quite adamant that there is nothing for you to do in the self-adoration department, we are still human, and our humanness often desires steps and tools and tricks of the trade. So we will offer you some - but from a place of celebration and beauty, and not from trying one more thing to try and make you "better" in some way. Can you engage in the ritual from this place? If so, read on, beautiful one. 


tangible steps to celebrate your amazingness:


Whether you are in partnership, looking for partnership, or happily flying solo, the energy right now is very much about creating space in the physical for all that is flowing forward. What does this mean in tangible ways? It’s time to get your KonMari on if you haven’t already, and start making some space. This eclipse season is very much about releasing releasing releasing — you have released internally, and now you are being asked to let that shift be reflected in your external. Read the magical act of tidying up if you haven’t already and really listen to her advice — pick things up in your house and if they don’t spark deep deliciousness and joy, pass them on. You have gone through a literal portal in your own Soul these past six months, now it’s time for your external realms to reflect the shifts. 


Invite in Venus to join your party.
She’ll show you a beautiful time. We promise.

Picture: Anthropologie

Picture: Anthropologie


Bathing Ritual Essentials:

1.  A healthy splattering of pink salt
to clear your energy and release anything that is preventing you from KNOWING your amazingness

2. 8 drops of rose geranium essential oil.
to open you heart and remind you of your own inner beauty

3. Any of the following: calendula, lavender, rosehips
to soothe anything in your second chakra that might be telling you you are not worthy of the deepest LOVE imaginable

4. Any crystal that wants to come with you.
If you have a few, ask who wants to join the fun? They’ll tell you. And then you can call yourself a crystal master because it will be true. 

Dip Into Your Bath.

Now put your hands to your belly and then slowly to your boobs/ chest area (men or women alike, and whether or not you have 2 boobs or 1 boob or no boobs, energetically, this space is incredibly sacred) and just allow your hands to rest there. Hold them, tenderly. Allow any feelings to come forward. Then allow yourself to gentle massage them. In either direction. Both directions. It doesn’t matter. Just allow yourself to connect with your own Boobs/ chest. There may be some emotion here. Just allow it. 

Notice if you have ever connected with your own chest in this way before. If not, kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone. Trust us. It’s worth it. 

Now, if you’re courageous, gently allow them to speak to you. Yes, allow your boobs to talk to you. Anything they want to say. Allow it to come through your own imagination. And then allow yourself to say anything that you would like to say to them. Hopefully, somewhere in there, there is an I Love You. But the most important thing is authenticity. So allow whatever wants to come forward to come forward. You might be very surprised to hear what they have to say. And you might be very surprised to hear what you find yourself saying in return. 

And if this sounds like absolute crazy-balls-ness, spend an extra few seconds doing it. You have no idea the access to life-force energy that comes from this kind of conversation with your own body. You have no idea how many creative moments in life have been stifled by us not communing with our own skin. It is the secret to everything. Embodiment is the path not only to enlightenment, but to deliciousness along the way. And whether you have a partner or are flying solo right now, this connection with your own boobs will inspire much beauty and magic both in this moment and in moments to come. 

Try it and let us know how it goes. 



Golden Milk. 

Picture: Down Shiftology

Picture: Down Shiftology


We're sharing our top secret deliciousness incarnate recipe in
You Are Golden. Make your Golden Milk before the bath, 
and enjoy as your dive into the deliciousness.

Golden Milk Recipe here



Bruno is your homeboy for this ritual. 


And just change the words Talking To The Moon to Talking
To The Boobs and you are golden :) 



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