Happy almost new year, my friends!

If you are a newer member of the gang, please let me introduce you to one of my favorite practices: The 7OM Year End Review. It’s a gorgeous little document with a series of magical writing prompts that invite you to pick up your pen, take a few moments to look back at this past year and then look forward to next year. 

Similarly to 10Q, this becomes such a beautiful experience to do as we step into a new year. 

There’s an old adage: remember when you wanted the thing you have now? It’s amazing how quickly we move onto the next thing and the next thing. This mini experience every year allows you to take a few moments to stop and check in and remember the wins and the yeses that have occurred over the past year, and will inspire you for what you are about to step into. 

So, whether you do it tonight or tomorrow morning or in the next couple of days, give yourself this gift. I promise you it will bear fruit in your internal and external realms. This is how the magic happens. 

Hugest of love and please feel free to share this gift with your communities. It’s free. There’s no catch. Just a strong desire to share one of my most favorite practices.

With love and blessings for the most beautiful new year yet,

Love Nicola XOXO 

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