A Money Manifestation Ritual — Happy New Years!

WELCOME TO 2018 - The Significance of '18


For many many cultures the number 18 and 108 have profoundly beautiful meanings. There are 108 beads on malas, the buddhist prayer beads, there are also 108 beads on on Catholic Rosaries,  and in the jewish tradition the number 18 is the luckiest number of all numbers ever.

You will often see Jewish families giving philanthropic gifts in multiples of 18 or 108 because of the significance of the numbers. Why? Because there are deep connections between numbers and letters in the jewish and kabalistic traditions and the 10th and 8th letters in the hebrew alphabet are the letter yud and the letter chet. If you put these two letters together they spell, Chai, which is the Hebrew word for...




It is literally THE number of the Jewish religion. 

See how beautiful it is that every culture has its own
definitive and distinctive reasons for loving EXACTLY
the same thing?

From my vantage point, It's a little god wink from the
Universe that however we get to the Remembrance of Love
and Unity, we all get there.  

So, this year 2018 is gonna be a good one.
Filled with beauty and magic and life-force. 



My commitment this year is to share more of the alchemic tools and practices to awaken the frequencies of beauty and grace in all our lives. Our first focus of the year as a community is on Prosperity, and bringing more of it into all our lives. 

As I've been sharing, in the spiritual realms, there is often guilt for caring about money - as though its unspiritual in some way. And my commitment for 2018 is to help bust that myth. Money is deeply spiritual. Freedom is deeply spiritual. Knowing your worth is deeply spiritual. Allowing yourself to receive prosperity and then choosing how you want to spend it and who you want to support with it is deeply deeply spiritual. 


So, join me right now.

Below is a super short ritual to help release any vows of
poverty or struggle from prior lifetimes and establish
right relationship with money in 2018. 




1) Close your eyes and tune in.

Light a candle if you like.
Or just do this right here right now. 

Repeat or mediate on the words:

I release I release I release any past vows of poverty.
Any lifetimes in which I have been a monk or a nun or
any position that saw money as evil or wrong. I release any
vows from my consciousness and I reclaim a healthy
and positive relationship with money. 

I release the notion that anything is wrong or bad or evil. 

The truth is everything is spirit and everything is spiritual.

I reclaim my positive connection to money. 



Now, Ask yourself truthfully how much you would like to
receive on average per month in 2018. And allow this
to be a number that is somewhat out of your comfort
zone but also not outside the realms of possibility. And
just allow different numbers to come forward like a scale. 

Write the number down. 
Seriously, please write it down somewhere. 

The pen and paper is the greatest alchemists wand
there ever was. 

1) Take a piece of money in your hand —
the larger the bill the better.

Sit with it for a moment.
Notice what emotions come up.
Notice how you feel about the bill in your hand.
How it feels to touch it. 

Even if you think you have no "stuff" with money at all,
see how this goes. See how it feels to be in "conversation"
with a piece of money. Trust me, something is gonna
come forward that you don't expect. 

And then when you’re able to,
share the following with the bill.

Preferably out loud:

"Hi Money, Moolah, Golden Nugget Muffins!
You are so cute. 
(Yup. Cute!)
I love you.
I am grateful for you.
I am sorry for all the times I shamed you.
I am sorry for all the times I shamed myself in
relation to you. 

Thank you for………

Please share with me anything that you would like to share
about how I have related to you and how you would
like to engage with my going forward….

I am so grateful to you for….


Thank you thank you thank you!!!! 
You’re Welcome!!!"


Now ponder what it felt like to say that you loved money?
Did it feel dirty or embarrassing or wrong? 

And if it brings tears to your eyes to say that you love money,
then join the club of people who have had to heal their
relationship with money.

Everything is lovable in this Universe. Including money. 
This is why we do the money mindset work


You Are Golden: Money Mindset Reset

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practical and metaphysical that help to shift this money stuff.
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