7OM September Illumination Report: A Second Chakra Activation, Hurricane Harvey, Book Club + Elixir of the Month

And what a month it has been.
The eclipse, Hurricane Harvey, lifetimes of old stuff being cleared and brought to the surface as we speak. As we enter September, know in your hearts that these shifts and awakenings are very real. The psychic abilities that are opening up more deeply, the intuition, the visceral feelings in your heart space and your feet are all part of it.

The word of the month is Integration. 

You are doing amazingly.

And we have a lot of magic to share this month. The weekly Q&As in the Temple of Illumination are fast becoming a beautiful place to land and receive information on all that is unfolding. If you are not yet a member, please feel free to join us.

As ever.
Scroll down.
Have a peruse.
Know that you are loved.
Very deeply. 

See you in the Temple. 


E N E R G Y  R E P O R T

I tread lightly when it comes to events on the ground because they are very real and a lot of people are suffering right now. And it's also my job to spot patterns and share about the bigger picture. Remember how the name of the woman who died in Charlottesville was Heather Hayer, and I spoke of the connection between her initials HH {8-8} to the Lion's Gate portal that opened an influx of awakening energy on 8-8? And once again, we just had another HH {8-8} scenario with Hurricane Harvey rocking this Earth as we continue to integrate the energies of the 8-8 lions gate portal.

Everything we're witnessing on the ground is part of this Awakening and when you open your eyes more deeply to the seeming Serendipities, the patterns start to emerge and emerge. There are many levels on which this is being experienced and teachings are coming forwards, but in terms of Hurricane Harvey, the most prescient in the context of the Awakening of this planet is firstly the washing away of attachment to things; seeing entire neighborhoods of affluent homes completely submerged under water is one of the greatest reminders that we cannot take any of our stuff with us when we die. As a society, we have shown more respect for "things" than we have for our Earth, we have forgotten the ways of Ritual & Reverence and we have transferred our attention to "stuff."

We can spend our entire lives working to amass things and houses that can literally be taken out in a moment's notice. As we move into this new time, any old attachments are literally being ripped away for many and we are being invited to birth anew. With crisis and with loss often comes a super human strength and courage and it's just the strength and courage that we need as we navigate this newness.

The other thing coming through so clearly from this experience is the sense of community, the sense of the walls around our hearts being broken down, and the way we are stepping forward and stepping for each other. The tears that we shed as we see the animals being rescued from waters are very beautiful tears. Numbed hearts are opening. And even if you are not on the ground in Houston, you are being effected by these very Sacred Waters. They are cleansing us. Even though to many it feels like they are punishing us, this isn't the deeper picture. 

 If you're looking for a charity to support on the ground, we are loving Citizens Assisting Citizens. Our good pal Dr. Ashley Maltz is working with them and speaks very highly of them. We are donating $7 from this weeks featured Guided Journey for Sacred Sexuality to them, so if you have been wanting to experience it, this is the perfect time.

Know also, that this week, there was a major second chakra activation. It happened on Sunday night and many many people felt it in different ways. Alchemically, if you have done the Celestial Journey with me, you know that we clear the second chakra with the element of water, so this is particularly fitting. Be super gentle with yourself this week, and if you are a Temple member, have a watch of this week’s Wednesday Wisdom — there is a particular exercise with our boobs (men and women) that we did that was incredibly healing and nourishing and anchoring of this very sacred, very beautiful energy.

And finally, if you are going through it right now, if you are grief stricken, if you have experienced the rug being pulled from underneath you, allow yourself to feel the feelings, and be as gentle with yourself as you can. Crisis brings a surrendering, internal and external, that allows us to break open. And this, in many ways, is what is occurring right now.

N E W  I N  T H E  T E M P L E

Yup — that's right, 7OM Alchemy is starting a Book Club!

We are kicking off our Book Club during this months Full Moon on September 6th at 7-8pm Pacific. Full Moons are powerful times for release, and this one is especially potent.

Our Book Club is going to be a little different - it will begin with Nicola reading a special part of a chapter aloud to the group via a video ZOOM call. Once the chapter is complete we will commune together to discuss the reading, share insights and answer questions. This will be the first time 7OM Alchemy will be doing a video call where all members on the call can see one another, share their insights aloud, and truly experience the magic face to face.

Currently this ZOOM Book Club meeting is free for Temple of Illumination members. We invite non-members to join us for our Book Club as well for $22.

Join us for our FIRST 7OM Alchemy Book Club September 6th, 7-8pm Pacific. It is limited to 12 spots - be sure to reserve yours by emailing us at info@7-om.com


 A L S O   I N   T H E   T E M P L E


We are also loving this new addition to the Temple.

Starting last month Nicola has been dedicating every Wednesday morning at 11am to answer Temple members questions via Facebook Live in the private Temple of Illumination Facebook group. And it has been amazing!! If there is something that you have been thinking "I wish I could just get on the phone with Nicola or have a private session with Nicola" 

— however vulnerable it is — 

...this is the perfect opportunity. 

This week's question was from a mother in the Temple who had been having difficulties with her six year old son. Her question was powerful, and we feel Nicola's answer about the new kids on the blocks who are energetic systems busters could help many more parents out there so we are sharing it publicly with everyone on the main 7OM Alchemy page. View Nicola's answer   and insights by clicking HERE.

A lot has been happening since the Lion's Gate Portal opened on 8-8. Be so gentle with yourselves right now and remember the systems busters are doing their jobs so very very perfectly. All of them. Yourself included.

Come join us in the Temple every Wednesday morning to have Nicola answer your questions and get guidance. If you're not a member in the 7OM Temple of Illumination


 S E S S I O N S   W I T H


What actually happens in an in-person illumination Session at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa with Nicola? 

Nicola will sage you to clear any negative energy from your field, and bless you celestially to infuse your body and Soul with nourishing Light. Have a burning question? Looking for specific insights into a business venture? Seeking inspiration to ignite an inspired idea in your heart? Wondering about your soul’s energetic heritage? Nicola holds space for your questions and connects with your soul essence to help find your answers and remember the bigger picture. You will leave relaxed, soul nourished, with a sense of grounded clarity, and peace of mind and heart.

You can book a session through the Ojai Valley Inn


E L I X I R   O F   T H E   M O N T H


It's the Elixir of New Beginnings.

And it works with the second chakra, the sacred sexual chakra, and ignites the frequency of New Beginnings beautifully.

How do the elixirs work? 

Alchemically, they work in very specific ways. If you are energetically tuned or sensitive, you will feel them creating a sense of spaciousness and yesness. But all you have to do is spray them around your Being and your Body and luxuriate in the smell and the feeling of freshness. We do the rest. 


A U G U S T ' S  
T E M P L E   J O U R N E Y:
Guided Journey for Completion


If you are wondering if it's still relevant to receive the Eclipse guided journey for completion. The answer is a resounding Yes! 

"I finally had the opportunity to nourish myself with this guided journey and woah. I am so happy I waited for this perfect moment. So much was happening throughout my entire body...still don't have the words! This was so beautiful, thank you thank you thank you. <3" - Quoted by Ava P. one of our Temple members.

The Guided Journey for Completion is available in the Temple now by signing up for the Temple of Illumination membership. The 7OM Temple of Illumination is a simple $22 monthly membership, cancellable at any time, where you experience a beautiful 60 minute guided magic journey in real time each month with Nicola, to replenish and awaken the magic inside. 

As a member of the 7OM Temple of Illumination, you will have access to the private Facebook group, where Nicola also shares Full Moon + New Moon Energy Reports & is available for feedback and guidance every Wednesday at 11 pacific. For those who like to write, after each monthly Guided Journey you will receive a specific writing prompt journey journal.

Become a member here.   


H E L P   U S   H E L P


Throughout this week we will be donating $7 for each Guided Journey for Sacred Sexuality that is purchased. We will be donating to the Citizens Assisting Citizens.
And we are giving you a Magical 22% discount code to use for the Guided Journey as well!!

A Second Chakra Activation is happening right now,
making this the perfect time to do our Guided Journey for Sacred Sexuality.

Use our special 22% discount code: HOLYMAMMA 
at checkout and we'll donate $7 for each purchase.

Citizens Assisting Citizens is an amazing non-profit on the ground helping #HurricaneHarvey victims.

You can also give donations directly to Citizens Assisting Citizens HERE


S E P T E M B E R ' S
U P C O M I N G  J O U R N E Y:
Guided Journey for New Beginnings 


This September's Guided Journey is one for New Beginnings.

Join us from wherever you are in the world on Saturday, September 23rd at 11AM for this Facebook live guided digital journey for New Beginnings in the Temple Of Illumination. 

Members Only. 

The Journey will available for individual purchase a few weeks after the Live Guided Journey. But receiving it live is where it's at. 


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