September's New Moon Energy Report: Money Money Money


Money Money Money
Last week we shared a prescient energy report relating to money and boundaries — 3rd chakra stuff — it’s still super super relevant, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek and entice you to come join us in the Temple. It’s pretty beautiful over there!! 


T H E R E  I S  A  P O W E R F U L  T H I R D  
C H A K R A  A C T I V A T I O N  R I G H T  N O W

....which is pretty hilarious because it rolls straight off the back of the Second Chakra upgrade we experienced just weeks ago. And energy isn't linear, so it's not a done deal that this is what would come next. But clearly we are working our way through the chakras because the third chakra activation that is happening is being felt far and wide. 

How is this manifesting and what does it relate to?

Your belly. 



Dominion over your Life. 

Your sense of Empowerment and ownership over your life.

Where are you laying roots? Real, tangible roots?

And where are you being pushed off balance by other peoples' needs and requests?

Right now, all these arenas that fall under the auspices of the third chakra are being addressed and cleared and nudged into the Light.

It might be uncomfortable -- viscerally so. You might have had digestive issues, tummy pangs, sludginess. But equally, you have felt a sense of body freedom - a lightness in your limbs and your joints as this stuff works it way out. 

You might have felt compelled to dance and move your body while driving in the car to the radio like never before. You might be oscillating between a sense of complete freedom and subsequence fear. You might be noticing the spaciousness that is coming into your body and then you might be making choices to sabotage it a little -- you might be eating more carbs than normal etc etc. There is no judgment here. Eat carbs up the wazoo. But just allow yourself to see whether there's a part of you that is scared of the shifts that are taking place. 

They are exquisite. And they also ask for a level of courage - this is the domain of the third chakra after all. 

You are being asked to own your Power fully. Actually, you are not necessarily being asked to own your Power fully, you are simply starting to. You are unwilling to put up with boundary malleability / permeability that you may have looked over in the past. You are starting to feel the Roar of the internal No, where previously you would have said Yes and then complained.

There is no more space for complaining nor of victimhood.

You are pulling up your bootstraps and taking responsibility for your life and this is a beautiful beautiful thing. 

You are also being asked to fully understand your worth in this world - it's not that your worth is attached to money or to the money that you are bringing in, but there is a healthy correlation between our confidence in our own abilities and talents and our bank balances. If our bank balances are out of whack, it is a gentle invitation to step in more fully to the knowing that you are amazing and that your efforts and creations and talents are worthy of being financially rewarded.

It doesn't have to be a struggle anymore. This is the message of this time. This is the upgrade that is literally happening in your own Belly as we speak.

Start noticing how money is speaking to you this week.
Notice the coins showing up in funny places. Declare yourself a money magnet. And watch as it wants to pour into your realms. 

Don't second guess it.

Just allow it, with a shot of curiosity, to make itself known to you. 

It will. 

In hilarious ways. 

As with all these energetic upgrades and reports, I have experienced and witnessed it first hand this past week and it is a veritable trip.

Trust it.

You are ready.

Allow tonight's New Moon to harness and harvest new thought patterns. 

Allow this upcoming Autumn Equinox to reprogram you. Allow Abundance to flow through your veins. 

Allow our upcoming guided Journey in the Temple on Saturday to help with this reprogramming. 

And know that it is Time. 

You came here to have fun.

And in order to live your birthright, your 3rd chakra, your confidence, your sense of self, and the way that abundance flows through all need to be tended to and in alignment. 

This is the upgrade that we are experiencing right now.

Know your Worth.

Say No.

Stand firm.

With quiet and calm confidence. 

Watch previously tumultuous energetic ties calm. 
Watch Respect flow through the ethers
In your direction.

It all starts with You.

Respect Yourself. 

You are profoundly Worthy. 

And profoundly Loved.

W H A T  E L S E   T O   D O?

Over the weekend Nicola led our Temple of Illumination members in our monthly shamanic Guided Journey. This month the theme was Newness.

If we had to sum up it up in two words, it would be Fun & Frolicks! We took a gorgeous jaunt to the fairy forest. But make no mistake about it — It might have been super fun and light-hearted but deep and very powerful shifts relating to the third chakra and finances and healthy boundaries were made.
The fairies are nifty like that. 

Our Guided Journey for Newness is currently available in the Temple of Illumination.
Are you ready to join us yet?

Yes. Excellent. 

See you in the Temple.


7OM Temple of Illumination Guided Journey for Newness

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